Author: YAAKOV LEVINE for The Chronicle

Paleo pancakes: Simple and delicious

Full confession here, I love pancakes. Over the years I’ve visited many restaurants made famous by their amazing pancakes. One location that comes to mind is Walker Brother Pancakes near Chicago, famous for their “table size” pancakes. Could pancakes be the ultimate comfort food (other than waffles), you can decide[Read More…]

Mint chocolate chip keto fat bombs

Contrary to what you may still hear or read on mainstream media, saturated fat rich tropical oils such as coconut and palm are healthy fat choices. It is best to buy these oils with organic and rainforest alliance certification.  Tropical oils are good options for cooking or frying and are[Read More…]


We’ve just celebrated Labor Day. I hope you found a way to enjoy the holiday in this different time we are navigating. In our region this month will mark our annual return to the school year. Some of you may not be impacted other than tales from the grandkids about first[Read More…]