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News November 19
Frozen and frustrated, Small-business owners absorb financial hit before holidays
Crumpled-up masks lay strewn on sidewalks as fall foliage collects in rain puddles on an empty parking lot. It’s a common scene these days, a new reality seen through a scope of ongoing despondency. We’re all beaten down from this virus. But we haven’t shaken this thing yet. Back in March, when only three people tested positive for the coronavirus, not much was known about how the virus was spread. Schools were still in session. People still hugged. Parents still had jobs. Businesses were still operating at max capacity. Health experts were not yet blue in the face from stressing prevention measures. It’s been eight months living with the virus. Through the business shutdowns, some businesses and organizations were able to readjust, others were forced to fold. And while we have learned a lot, case numbers indicate that we haven’t come far enough.
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Chinese Astrology November 20
Father is curious about his Tiger daughter’s strengths
I received a question from a reader who was born during the lunar Year of the Rat. He wondered what Chinese astrology could tell him about his daughter, who was born during the lunar Year of the Tiger. He said his daughter is beginning graduate school, and he would like to know which careers Tigers enjoy and which careers Tiger women find most success. Traits that we must understand about Tiger women is they are strong, energetic, passionate, opinionated, and aggressive. They see life as an adventure, and they do not thrive while sequestered in an office environment without windows. Tiger women enjoy the interaction of subordinates. They enjoy being in a management position, one that allows them to freely voice their opinions, delegate duties, and inspire others, but not in a leadership position that requires them to personally accomplish the tedious duties of administration. Tigers do not have the patience to focus on long-term projects, so it’s important they are able to delegate tedious duties to others, and to voice their opinions without contradiction. Tiger-born individuals are wonderful writers, they argue like champions, their intelligence and research abilities are flawless, but they do their best work on short-term projects that they can control. Often, Tigers consider law school, and many Tigers complete law school, later to find that they struggle to thrive in a system that puts the outcome in the hands of others. Tigers would do well as judges, but often don’t have the patience to reach the position of judge. Tigers often find they have more power and influence as a communicator or performer, rather than a legal practitioner or politician. Tigers enjoy attention, lots of it. They enjoy giving advice, and they believe they know more than others about most subjects. Tigers do not appreciate being contradicted or ignored; they become fighting mad and can lash out viciously toward their adversaries. You will seldom, if ever, hear an apology from a Tiger, but they attempt to make amends if they feel your friendship is true, loyal, and valuable. Tigers love adventure and the outdoors. They enjoy protecting vulnerable people and animals. They would not hesitate to fight for their country, rush into a burning building or leap into water to save a life. Tigers are wonderful speakers in front of audiences, groups, radio, TV, or classrooms. Tigers would enjoy serving in the military, teaching young children or college students, or coaching athletes, landscaping or farming, and writing opinion columns or informational books. Tigers would do well and be happy working in exciting careers that offer new challenges often, outdoor opportunities, and changing environments. They would not do well in any career that confines them to a dark or enclosed environment. Famous female Tigers include Demi Moore, Paula Abdul, Jodie Foster, Kelly Preston, Rosie O’Donnell, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.
Community November 19
It’s important to understand weather’s impact
A couple of Pacific storms came onshore last weekend, bringing strong winds along the Oregon coast and a good drenching rainfall to the western portion of the state. It was a good cleansing storm that blew the last of the leaves from the trees lining the banks of our coastal waterways. The rain also caused most coast rivers to rise sharply, flushing debris and sediments that collect through the summer and fall along the river bank and riverbed. The tea-colored water is common to coastal rivers in the fall, now turning an emerald green … and more rain is coming.
Community November 19
Old Schoolhouse projects continue during pandemic
CRESWELL – The Creswell Heritage Foundation completed several projects in 2020 related to the Old Schoolhouse, and project leaders expressed thanks for community members who made it possible despite shortfalls caused by COVID-19.
Community November 19
ODFW: Poaching in Lane County ‘worst’ ever
SALEM, Ore. — A decapitated black bear joins a growing list of animals from a frenzy of poaching in Lane County in recent weeks. The crimes appear to be random and opportunistic, and officials are looking for leads in multiple cases.
Community November 19
Nostaglia Corner: Recalling the joy of a special-needs daughter
My wife, Mary Jean, and I, were blessed with the birth of a fine healthy son. Three years later, we were blessed with a healthy baby girl, healthy in all respects but one – she was diagnosed at birth as having Down Syndrome, and also a severely twisted foot. I bring you this story of the decision this one family made – to keep a special-needs baby.
Community November 18
New celebration takes flight in Creswell for veterans during pandemic
CRESWELL – The overcast and rainy weather Oregonians are so often doomed to this time of year held off on Veterans Day at the Hobby Field Airport. The traditional Veterans Day celebration that normally took place in Creswell was – like so many celebrations this year – cancelled. Barbara Heyman, wife of local retired Colonel Dick Heyman, said that they were passing the Hobby Field on the freeway and realized it would be great to have an airshow at the local airport.
Education Station November 18
Sitting pretty: Students receive new desks
SPRINGFIELD – At the end of October, business partners and woodworkers Andrew Moreland and Conrad Hulen delivered 30 homemade desks to students at Two Rivers-Dos Ríos Elementary School. This brings the total number of donated desks to 50. Two Rivers-Dos Ríos principal Charlie Jett said that when kids went into comprehensive distance learning, although families were trying their best, students would attend classes while in bed or on couches.
Community November 18
Springfield flag ceremony meaningful
SPRINGFIELD – Changing out a flag on Veterans Day may not seem like a big deal, but the gesture means more than you might think. To showcase appreciation on Veterans Day, last week the Springfield VFW met to change out a flag at Woodside Assisted Living on Main Street. Woodside administrator Sherry Hogan said that its flag needed a refresher, particularly after all the wildfire smoke. Susan Wakefield, community relations director, said Woodside has eight veteran residents and staff wanted them to know they are appreciated.
Community November 18
Nguyen paints the Grove
Cottage Grove artist Uyen-Thi “T” Nguyen wasn’t the sort of person to stay in one place for very long – that is, before she landed in Cottage Grove. She and her family decided to move here to enroll her kids in Blue Mountain School. When the school closed, other qualities of the community served to keep her here. “It’s beautiful here and people are nice. While Cottage Grove isn’t as ethnically diverse as other places I’ve lived, which is something I missed, it is a very special place. People from all walks of life get along respectfully, even if they don’t always agree, there is crossover in how they engage and interact with one another,” Nguyen said.
Opinion November 18
Surprise ride in the skies on Veterans Day 2020
I have always appreciated Veterans Day, having had veteran family members and a partner, Nathan Neill, who serves in the Oregon Army National Guard. This year, we celebrated exceptionally. I don’t think either of us intended on taking flight that day, but when we found out flights were being offered in the airplanes lined up on display at Creswell Hobby Field Airport, Nate signed a waiver immediately. I took a little longer to come around to the idea.
FreeObituaries November 18
Grace Mason
March 26, 1923 – Oct. 24, 2020
FreeObituaries November 18
Curtis Lynn Walters
Dec. 9, 1959 – Nov. 9, 2020
FreeObituaries November 18
Charles Runde
Sept. 15, 1945 – Nov. 7, 2020
FreeObituaries November 18
Betty Lindley
April 22, 1931 – Oct. 20, 2020
FreeObituaries November 18
Anita Maple Rinehart
Feb. 21, 1920 – Nov. 2, 2020
Chinese Astrology November 13
Those born on the Snake/Horse cusp face challenges
I received a question from a reader of The Chronicle who was born under the sun sign Aquarius during the lunar cusp Years of the Snake and Horse. She was born four days after the lunar year changed from Snake to Horse. A lunar year lasts for one year, so when an individual is born under the sun sign Aquarius, they are born on the cusp of two lunar signs. This Aquarius-Horse was born during the transition of the new lunar year and both lunar signs influence her traits significantly.
Health/Business November 13
Creswell residents invited to apply for free dental care
Impact Your Health Eugene officials announced that its services are available for Creswell residents in need of free dental extractions. The service will be available at the Lane Events Center on Saturday, Nov. 14 by appointment only; no walk-ins. The organization has provided more than $1 million in free dental, medical, and eye care to thousands of people in Lane County. This year it is providing free dental extractions at the Lane County Fairgrounds in coordination with Oregon Health Science University (OHSU) School of Dentistry and local Oregon Oral Surgeons. Each year it serves homeless individuals, veterans, and this year people affected by the wildfires.
Community November 13
Springfield board OKs ‘All Students Belong’ policy statement
SPRINGFIELD – School board members approved two resolutions – both board policy revisions – during its meeting Monday night. The first, Resolution #20-21.014, revised the exclusion of alcohol, tobacco, inhalant delivery systems, illicit drugs, marijuana, or narcotics is prohibited on school property to prohibit alcohol – unless “when specifically authorized by the superintendent in writing.” Board members said the revision would allow “toasts” during certain events that are taking place within the school district.
Community November 12
Springfield council hears White Bird update on outreach
SPRINGFIELD – The Springfield City Council heard a presentation about White Bird’s outreach efforts in meeting basic needs of Springfield’s unhoused individuals, connecting them with relevant services, building trusting relationships and empowering them. The meeting took place Oct. 26. White Bird began its contract with the City of Springfield on May 25, after the Stay Home, Save Lives order to provide outreach to the unhoused population and to prevent or slow the community spread. The current contract ends on Nov. 30, 2020.
Community November 12
Community members, City help provide heat for homeless
Major Thomas Egan was a sensitive and conflicted man. Bright, highly educated, and proud, he refused to ask for, or accept help, even from well-meaning friends. Although he was eligible for Social Security and a military pension he chose to go it alone and try and make it on his own. A penchant for drink made him ineligible for most Veterans Administration assistance programs. His tentative grasp on housing fell through and he became homeless. In December 2008 his frozen body was found covered in snow at the corner of West 1st and Blair in Eugene.
Opinion November 12
Feeling nostalgic, remembering when local musicians invigorated the soul
A few days ago I sat inside the Blue Valley Bistro (formerly known as The Creswell Café) for the first time in seven months. A swarm of good memories came over me, as I realized how much has changed during the pandemic. Here is a little something I wrote after hearing music at the Café’ a few years ago. Creswell Café (9/6/2013) My father bought me my first harmonica for $1.75 in 1968 in a music store by the Bronx Zoo. I’ve been playing blues harp since that time motivated by Paul Butterfield, and also trying to win the affection of a childhood crush who said she liked harmonica. (Hello Donna, wherever you are. Thanks for the motivation.)
Opinion November 12
Let’s try to find a way to be unified again
In the early morning of Friday, Nov. 6, I awoke at 6:30 a.m. with only about five hours of sleep. I had been struggling to know what I can write about this week; what could I say that would mean anything? As with almost everyone in our country, the presidential election had held our attention those days, before Saturday morning’s announcement. Approximately half of my friends, family and neighbors were full of hope before then, while the other half were hurting badly and full of rage. It had been a close race and it was obvious that the results will affect all of our lives for quite some time.
Community November 12
Wolf: ‘It’s rewarding to see people see themselves’
SPRINGFIELD – After Andrea Wolf’s rare cancer diagnosis in 2013, she realized the time she had on Earth was finite, so she decided that she wanted to live and experience things in a way she had never done before. “It just crystalized how important everything is, seeing people and thinking, ‘I may not see you again,’” she said. “I had a lot of parties.” As someone who has always been positive, Wolf said she wants to help people tap into that with her boutique on Main Street in Springfield – Remember the Moon – which specializes in mastectomy products, wigs and gifts.
Community November 12
Keep questioning, especially when answers aren’t apparent
On Sundays we have been reading from the Book of Exodus, and I have been impressed by how often Moses questions, or perhaps challenges, God. When we read the Book of Job we see this again. Job is faithful to God but his friends tell him that he must question and challenge God for letting all the misfortunes fall upon him. Even in the Book of Psalms there are parts where Psalms of questioning and lament alternate with Psalms of Praise. A few weeks ago, Alma and I watched “The Fiddler on the Roof” again. It is an excellent movie about the Jews in Russia in the late 1800s and early 1900s, and the abuses they endured.
Community November 12
Lane Transit switches to renewable diesel fuel
Lane Transit District (LTD) has begun using R99 renewable diesel fuel to replace the B5 ULSD it has traditionally used to fuel LTD’s fleet. R99 Renewable Diesel is commercially derived from a diverse array of fats and oil by-products and used in normal diesel engines. “We believe R99 is better for our fleet, better for our employees, better for our community, and better for our environment,” said Kelly Hoell, LTD’s sustainability manager “We have been tracking R99’s use by other transit fleets and believe that based on its performance and its recent drop in price that it is now a financially sustainable renewable fuel for the District to use in its fleet.”
Community November 12
Creswell artist discovers big box brings bigger exposure, rewards
Creswell artist Sara Baker never saw herself as someone who would be creating artwork for a gallery that only a small sect of the population could afford. She said that artists don’t have to fall into the “starving artist stereotype.” “That’s the biggest reward of this journey,” she said. “The discovery that there’s so many opportunities for artists. There’s not just one way has to live as an artist and that’s something I’m trying to share with young people.” Baker, who owns Pink Pinecone Studios, sells her artwork at local shops, online and in big box stores like: Walmart, Kirkland Home Stores and Hobby Lobby.
Happy to Help November 12
Caring ‘competition’
The Creswell School District’s “Stuff the Bus” food donation campaign was a big hit – from several angles. School principals and other district leaders smashed records for food donations and then smushed whipped-cream pies in each others’ faces Saturday. The Creslane Elementary School Mustangs “beat” the middle school and high school in the annual event. CSD collected 1,395 pounds of food and $2,029, according to organizers.
News November 12
Area businesses, schools respond as COVID surges
The case counts for COVID-19 are setting record highs in Lane County for weeks – a surge also seen across the state. The most recent surveillance summary from Oregon Health Authority (OHA) reports 41 people in Creswell tested positive for COVID-19 since March; 77 people in Cottage Grove; 652 people in Springfield; and 18 people in Pleasant Hill. In Lane County, OHA reported 2,941 cases, a 44-case increase from the previous week. Of those cases, 251 are infectious, 11 are hospitalized and 33 have died.
FreeObituaries November 11
Vernice Coleman
Nov. 20, 1929 – Oct. 27, 2020
FreeObituaries November 11
Noreen Millsap-Welch
Dec. 15, 1938 – Oct. 24, 2020
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