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Elections October 21
Elections: Springfield City Council Q&A
In their own words: Candidates make their cases to voters
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Community October 21
After wildfires, lower McKenzie provides an alternative
If you look around there is little doubt that with the certainty of the sunrise, winter will soon be here. Rain is in the forecast for this weekend and the comfortable 60-degree daytime temperatures that we have enjoyed will retreat to a more seasonal range in the 50s. And across our region for the first time since late last winter, low temperatures in the 30s are also in the forecast. Nothing out of sorts here; typical fall pattern and weather. At the top of the report, it’s hard to overlook that one of our counties, in fact one of our state’s premier fishing resources, was badly damaged by fire this season. Sadly, with McKenzie so compromised this fall, it clears the table of a lot of nearby opportunities for local anglers.
Special Election Preview October 21
Elections: Cottage Grove City Council Q&A
In their own words: Candidates make their cases to voters
Community October 21
Rodley emphasizes collaboration
SPRINGFIELD – Kori Rodley told attendees that she remains focused on housing and living-wage jobs – both exacerbated by the pandemic, she said. The remarks came during the Oct. 13 Business Roundtable sponsored by the Springfield Chamber of Commerce and Government Issues and Economic Development Committees. Rodley is facing Johanis Tadeo for the Ward 3 position on city council.
Community - Cottage Grove October 21
Mount David has a rich history – not including the ‘oil’
Mount David, a silent witness to Cottage Grove’s birth and growth, stands over our town. It has served a variety of roles in the city’s history. An early water system had its reservoir there in the 1890s. Early photographers documented the town’s growth with panoramic views from its slopes. One slick huckster used it to separate many citizens from their hard-earned cash. But mostly the bucolic hill came to be regarded as common space by Grovers, the perfect place for a walk, picnic, or just to pause and reflect.
Special Election Preview October 21
Creswell Elections: Prociw: ‘Leadership requires a broader view’
First and foremost, I’ll use a few of my allotted words to thank The Chronicle for its coverage of our candidates. The hard work, time, and money that goes into compiling this valuable information for our voters has not gone unappreciated! It is with a sense of irony that this column is called a “viewpoint.” Because it is of views that I wish to speak of (literal and figurative). In this mayoral race, you have two extremely talented and qualified candidates to choose from. We share many of the same values, and we both want what is best for our community. Regardless of the outcome in November, the winners will be the people of Creswell – because either way you will have a mayor that cares for the well-being of our residents, workers, and visitors. And that’s a big win.
Community October 21
Northern Lights farm offering spooky, safe fun
PLEASANT HILL – Coronavirus might still be at large, but spooky season still rises like a zombie from the grave. Certain people, such as Lynn and Bob Schutte, have made sure Fall and Halloween are still celebrated at Northern Lights Tree Farm without sacrificing safety. The farm is charging admission for the first time, which is $5 per person or $20 a car. Admission is charged due to the loss of other revenues, and like everyone else, Northern Lights is just trying to stay afloat. Each day of the week holds a different special of the week, and there are multiple activities around the farm from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
FreeObituaries October 21
Sean Mooney
May 13, 1973 – June 21, 2020
FreeObituaries October 21
Van Allan Criddle
Aug. 16, 1949 – Oct. 16, 2020
FreeObituaries October 21
Rozella “Rozie” Mock
April 8, 1921 – Oct. 4, 2020
FreeObituaries October 21
Brother Fred Hulbert Pittman
Nov. 1, 1945 – 2020
FreeObituaries October 21
Cherrisa Hope Risseeuw Rainwater
March 24, 1985 – Sept. 5, 2020
FreeObituaries October 21
AnnaMaye Brown
June 22, 1927 – Oct. 11, 2020
Chinese Astrology October 16
Children’s natural talents and their parents’ expectations
A mother born under the sun sign Cancer during the lunar year of the Pig asked me about the traits of her two sons. Her younger son was born under the sun sign Taurus during the lunar Year of the Rabbit (2011), and her older son was born under the sun sign Pisces during the lunar Year of the Rat (2008). Her husband was born under the sun sign Aries during the lunar Year of the Tiger.
Community October 16
In the market? Tips for buying a house ‘sight unseen’
If you’re thinking about buying a house, you’re probably wondering how best to go about it. The truth is, you can still do in-person tours in some places, depending on the local regulations, but many people are buying homes right now without stepping foot inside until the deal is done.
Education Station October 15
Bus drivers at Springfield schools have been delivering meals to any child in the area to families and students, as well as to McKenzie School students who are still displaced due to the wildfires. “SPS is committed to providing the best education to students. We are also committed to providing services that help kids be ready to learn. Hunger is a huge barrier in our community,” a press release from SPS said.
Education Station October 15
Springfield schools discussing changes, prioritization in SIA grant agreement
Springfield Public Schools finalized their grant agreement for the Student Investment Act grant agreement. With all districts across Oregon receiving fewer funds than originally projected, districts could either re-submit their application and go through the process again, or adjust their list to fit into the budget. Superintendent Todd Hamilton said they went off their list of priorities that came out and identified from that list what they’ll move forward with.
Community October 15
Not exactly winging it: Pilot, engineer weighs risk and rewards while making dreams come true
Tony Horvath’s award-winning career flying and building aerobatic airplanes all started with a fan letter he wrote as a young boy. Only 8 years old at the time, Horvath, now 39, remembers seeing a local airshow pilot practicing aerobatics from his backyard. Horvath wrote to the pilot, and expressed his interest in the craft. The pilot wrote him back, setting in motion a lifelong flight plan. Steve Wolf, a longtime Creswell resident and pilot, invited the young Horvath to visit him at the airport and check out his projects. “He’d be out there doing all the stunts right above our house, I thought that was just so cool,” Horvath said.
Elections October 15
Lane County mails ballots; should arrive by Oct. 21
Mail-in ballots for the general election have been mailed by Lane County Elections officials.
Community October 15
Resources, support still available for wildfire survivors
Residents have been encouraged to submit access agreements to allow cleanup teams to begin removal of hazardous materials from burned properties, county officials said. Oregon’s Debris Management Task Force leaders have urged residents to Right of Entry forms. Removal of hazardous waste is the first step in the wildfire cleanup process and available at no cost to property owners.
Special Election Preview October 14
Springfield Elections: Rodley: ‘My commitment ... has not wavered’
When I started this campaign for Springfield City Council in June 2019, the world looked very different. My belief that Springfield needed to focus on affordable housing, improving infrastructure, attracting and retaining living wage jobs, and livable neighborhoods and strong communities compelled me to step up to serve in whatever ways I could. As the only candidate until early 2020, I appreciated the opportunity to knock on hundreds of doors and talk to so many of my neighbors and to connect, discuss and share around our shared hopes and dreams. With the onset of the pandemic, the painful recession, racial tensions, the resignation of the mayor, and much more, my commitment to face our challenges head on has not wavered.
Community October 14
Elections: Glaser hoping to meet in the middle
Katie Boshart Glaser, competing with incumbent Democrat Marty Wilde for the District 11 seat in the state Legislature, said she has a unique message within the Republican Party: Moderation. Her comments came on Oct. 6 during the fourth “Candidate Roundtable,” sponsored by the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce and the Government Issues and Economic Development Committees. Glaser made the point that her party is Republican, and she described herself as a “moderate Republican.” She said her top concerns included K-12 and higher education, mental health, and law enforcement.
Special Election Preview October 14
Elections: Creswell City Council candidate Q&A
In their own words: Candidates make their cases to voters
Opinion: Election 2020 October 14
Cottage Grove mayoral candidate: DelSol: ‘... Willing to work outside the political box’
My name is Ivan DelSol and I’m running for Cottage Grove mayor in 2030. I know, I know. I’m a few years early. I wanted to get a head start. The thing is, this year most everyone still supports one of our major political parties. Personally, I think they’re both absolutely criminal, and I cannot in good conscience support either. This makes it an odd time to run for office, because apparently not very many people agree with me. That’s okay. My theory is this: as politics and our government become ever more farcical, eventually people will decide they want a mayor that thinks like I do. This year, I’m just running to let everyone know that I’m here and willing to work outside the political box. After a few more cycles of voting for buffoons and lesser evils, I’m betting you’ll be ready to try that, too.
Opinion: Election 2020 October 14
Cottage Grove council candidate: Savage: ‘... Called to serve my community’
I have been given an opportunity to share my viewpoint, so I am going to get a little vulnerable and share why I believe we can be united despite our differences. Why am I running for office? I have had to answer the question often. Do I need more on my plate? No. I am a wife, mother, business owner and I have a job downtown. Do I want the prestige of office? No, being judged from people’s perception which may not be true is not desirable. Is it for the money? NO. This is a volunteer position. So, the question remains. What is my motive for running for office?
Opinion: Election 2020 October 14
Creswell council candidate: Clark: ‘... We need to do this together’
If you were to ask me to bake you a dozen chocolate chip cookies today, I would feel confident in the quality of cookies that I placed before you. It would have melty chocolate and a nice combination of both crispy around the edges and chewy in the middle. It would be the type of cookie that you might crave in the middle of the afternoon when you’re looking for a sweet pick-me-up to power through until it is time to head home from work.
News October 14
New Creswell mayor to fill interim role after election
The winner of the Creswell mayor race next month will step up as appointed mayor through the end of the year, city council decided Monday night. With three months left on his term, former mayor Richard Zettervall resigned Sept. 30, saying he was disheartened by community reaction to the council’s discussions on equity. “Equity and inclusion … must be addressed and should not be pushed aside because of public perception. But that’s what happened,” Zettervall wrote. “The Resolution died … and so did a part of me.”
Special Election Preview October 14
Elections: Creswell mayoral Q&A
In their own words: Candidates make their cases to voters
Special Election Preview October 14
Elections: Cottage Grove mayoral Q&A
In their own words: Candidates make their cases to voters
Obituaries October 14
Charles Rice
June 5, 1929 – Oct. 1, 2020
FreeObituaries October 14
Sharon Doreen Makinson (Dowdy)
Feb. 8, 1956 - Sept. 8, 2020
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