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New birth center fills health care gaps in Lane County
SPRINGFIELD – A nonprofit midwifery birth center is opening in Springfield, ensuring that a 40-year legacy of expanded birthing options will continue in Lane County.
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Local sports round up: Week of Oct. 21
Photos: Rolling out the green carpet in Springfield
Banner days: Catching up on happenings across The Grove
"The closing of the Village Green Resort was the impetus for taking a look back at the history and contributions of the Woodard family over these past weeks. While I learned a lot about Cottage Grove’s history in the process, I have neglected to keep Chronicle readers informed of happenings that are rippling through the Grove." ...
There’s good news for Oregon businesses
Recently, the Springfield Chamber of Commerce held its 2021 State of Business Program, featuring a robust presentation from Josh Lehner, Senior Economist at the State of Oregon Department of Economic Analysis. The Chronicle participated in this Zoom presentation and came away with what can best be described as the good, the bad, and the ugly of our state’s economy right now and into the foreseeable future. Spoiler alert: There is actually a lot more good than either bad or ugly.
Business Oct. 21
Charities rise to the challenge of funding during Covid
“The Great Recession of 2008 changed nonprofit fundraising forever, and now COVID-19 is accelerating that change going forward.” That statement was where my conversation began with Christina Lund, principal of Lund Development Solutions, a long-time nonprofit fundraising professional for entities in Cottage Grove and throughout the state.
From the Publisher: ‘Hyper-local news’ is more than a slogan
"I received more than a few sideways glances when I purchased a weekly print newspaper. And to this day people will say, with great empathy, that 'You’re in such a tough industry.' 'Look what’s happened to print.' 'It’s a shame what’s happened to The Guard.'" ...
FreeTRIBUTES Oct. 21
Death notices: Week of Oct. 21
FreeTRIBUTE Oct. 21
Judy Bloom: Feb. 29, 1944 - Oct. 1, 2021
FreeTRIBUTE Oct. 21
Guadalupe ‘Lupe’ Soto: March 13, 1954 - Oct. 3, 2021
FreeTRIBUTE Oct. 21
Douglas Patrick Mart: Nov. 8, 1958 - Sept. 25, 2021
FreeTRIBUTE Oct. 21
Daniel Johnson: Dec. 9, 1951 - July 8, 2021
George & Violet's: ‘A place where everyone is welcome’
George & Violet’s owner says the restaurant on Main Street in Springfield’s downtown district tries to create the feel of a Spanish tavern and emphasize having fun with friends and family.
Part 3: W.A. Woodard: The most ‘rugged individualist’
Cottage Grove's Walter “W.A.” Woodard was the last of his breed, a large-scale independent lumberman who had worked his way up from cutting cordwood to running one of the most efficient and modern mills – which he completely owned and directed.
Cottage Grove's Koffee Kup served Grove’s greater good
The owners have struggled keeping enough staff to serve the customers in the manner they have become accustomed to – good service, and your coffee cup filled. There have been problems hiring enough cooks to efficiently handle the kitchen.
Going through the phases: Glenwood development plans taking shape
Over the last two decades the transition of the unincorporated community of Glenwood must have often felt like no one cared. More a rejected piece of real estate trapped between Eugene and Springfield than a gold mine of opportunities for either or both of those ranking cities, Glenwood has long been the short-straw loser when it came to discussions about the future.
Humbling homecoming for Bulldogs vs. Oakers
Creswell entered Friday night’s Homecoming game against Oakland unbeaten in league play. A few hours later, the Bulldogs went home wondering what the heck went sideways.
MUSIC Oct. 13
The Village Green's last hurrah: Enduring high notes
Are the good times really over for good at the Village Green? If you ask some of the longtime regulars of the iconic hotel — known for having live music at least six nights a week in the lounge — rumors of its demise have been greatly exaggerated. With a change in ownership for the first time in more than 60 years, the Village Green closed its doors to the public on Thursday, Sept. 30.
FreeTRIBUTES Oct. 13
Creswell community mourns loss of friendly face at City Hall
FreeTRIBUTES Oct. 13
Carol Wommack: Oct. 6, 1957 – Oct. 8, 2021
FreeTRIBUTES Oct. 13
Ruth M. Jokinen: April 13, 1935 - Sept. 3, 2021
FreeTRIBUTES Oct. 13
Donald John Kokko: Feb. 28, 1950 – Oct. 4, 2021
FreeTRIBUTES Oct. 13
Mary Maxine Jones Atwood: Feb. 25, 1929 – Oct. 3, 2021
FreeTRIBUTES Oct. 13
Nancy Ann Gressler: June 29, 1939 – Sept. 24, 2021
FreeTRIBUTE Oct. 13
Marcia Jean Roser: Dec. 11, 1950 – Oct. 1, 2021
FreeTRIBUTE Oct. 13
William ‘Bill’ Shawhan Jr.: Dec. 31, 1945 – Sept. 13, 2021
Letters: Keep Bi-Mart pharmacy; grateful for local businesses; Clark endorses Stram for mayor
PETS Oct. 10
Dog Sense: Calm tone helps with ‘dog speak’
"Our dogs often don’t understand the word either, especially when it’s strung together with other words spoken at a fast pace. I see this commonly when a frustrated client arrives with a dog who has unwanted behaviors ... "
The Angler's Log Oct. 8
A full weekend of action: Cohos, crabs on Coos Bay
In the first light of the morning, loaded with fishing gear, we launched our boat at California Landing in North Bend at the upper end of Coos Bay. It was the first of two days of salmon fishing and crabbing on the central Oregon Coast.
Cottage Grove's Woodard reshapes the landscape
COTTAGE GROVE – W.A. Woodard was a tenacious, self-made businessman, and was, by nature, generous. Woodard credited his success to his employees and the town of Cottage Grove and wanted to improve the quality of life for both. Known for making timely donations to worthy causes and helping employees, his early charity was rather random. His wife Dutee helped guide him into more focused giving.
In the game: Round Up Saloon’s new owners take a sporting chance
CRESWELL – Is it possible for new owners of a sports bar to be too fanatical about sports? In the case of Floyd and Jeannie Plummer, who just bought The Round Up Saloon, perhaps so. One could argue, though, that a little fanaticism might not be such a bad thing.
FreeEntertainment Oct. 7
Todd Snider performing in southern Willamette Valley
The singer/songwriter and Oregon native is appearing at the Hult Center for the Performing Arts on Friday night.
Oct. 6
Public Notices: Week of Oct. 7
Unconventional coach: Billies’ soccer players decide game rosters on way to success
Ryota Sugitani has a revolutionary style of coaching. It must be working wonders, because his Pleasant Hill boys soccer team has outscored its opponents 50-1 while compiling a 6-0 record to start the season.
FreeTRIBUTE Oct. 6
Thomas Gale Carver: Dec. 15, 1946 – Sept. 17, 2021
FreeTRIBUTE Oct. 6
Ronald May: March 16, 1942 – Sept. 16, 2021
Free Oct. 6
Mary Lewis: 1933 – Sept. 24, 2021
FreeTRIBUTE Oct. 6
Kevin Clark Petit : Feb. 6, 1978 – Sept. 16, 2021
John Andrew West: Deceased: Sept. 22, 2021
Springfield Oct. 6
Springfield businessman runs for Lane County Commissioner
"Springfield seems to always be undervalued and forgotten," said David Loveall, downtown developer. "I'm here to tell you that Springfield has a voice."
Wyden, Merkley: Creswell Airport to receive nearly $3.3M in federal funds
The funds will be used to reconstruct its runway as well as rebuild its runway lighting and airfield guidance signs.
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