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FreeNews January 20
County health officials planning to replicate ‘mass vax’ effort
Coming off the heels of a successful mass vaccination effort over the weekend, local health officials are beginning to feel a little better about the vaccine roll out in Lane County – particularly with the anticipated upcoming dose allotment. It’s a bright spot in dark times, especially since public health officials expected 3,000 doses last week and received only 100.
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Community January 22
‘Free Rein’ to shop local
COTTAGE GROVE – Melanie Stuhlmiller wasn’t about to spend her life working 9-to-5s. Despite the familiar pandemic-related challenges, she pushed through to make her small-town women’s boutique, Free Rein on Main, the success it is today.
Chinese Astrology January 22
Sheep-born is curious about his luck in ’21
"Last year at this time, a reader of The Chronicle asked me if 2020, the Year of the Rat, would be a good year for him. He was born under the sun sign Sagittarius during the lunar Year of the Sheep. I was happy to tell him that it would be a good year for his sign. There would be challenges, but they would lead to amazing and wonderful opportunities, beneficial changes in his life and career."
Community January 22
Cycling through the Grove
Cottage Grove has a history of reinventing itself. For a while, gold mining dominated the local economy. After the glimmer of gold faded, the Grove became a timber town with small mills up and down the valley and provided the bulk of the local economy before fading in the 1980s. There were hopes at one time of landing an important railway terminus that would put the town on the map, but that didn’t pan out.
Opinion January 22
Capitol attack adds even more heartbreak
"I am heartbroken. The attack on the United States Capitol building and members of our House of Representatives and Senate was too fresh for me to write about last week. As I watched the horrible attack unfold, besides being heartbroken, I was furious that something like this was happening in our country by our own citizens."
FreeCommunity January 21
Coping tips for dealing with Covid
This week Dear Bernard’s guest columnist and licensed psychologist Jon Davies offers tips on persevering your well-being through the next six months of the pandemic. Have you been feeling frustrated, irritable, anxious, lonely, depressed or even hopeless? Are you worried about your health or that of your kids or other loved ones? Are you worried about money? You are not alone.
Goshen - Breaking News January 21
Equipment stolen in Goshen; police ask for public's help
A burglary occurred around 7 a.m. on Jan. 21 in Goshen. The stolen R and D Propane truck was located off Howe Lane in Creswell shortly thereafter. The crane was missing as well as some property from the truck.
Community January 21
Coastal weather dynamic in the winter
Winters on the Oregon coast can get a little wild – a delight to storm watchers. When Pacific storms sweep in, they often bring strong winds, giant crashing waves and heavy rainfall. But the storms pass, leaving weather that even in the winter is mild.
Community January 21
Creswell man guilty of child sex abuse
CRESWELL – William Hamann, 38, of Creswell on Jan. 19 pled guilty to sexually abusing a child, and federal prosecutors will seek a 13-year prison sentence.
Community January 21
Creswell man guilty of child sex abuse
CRESWELL – William Hamann, 38, of Creswell on Jan. 19 pled guilty sexually abusing a child, and federal prosecutors will seek a 13-year prison sentence.
Community January 21
Cottage Grove mayor delivers State of the City Address
Cottage Grove Mayor Jeff Gowing gives his exclusive State of the City statement to The Chronicle, "...through the rough year I was so proud of the way the citizens of Cottage Grove responded to all of the challenges."
Community January 21
Ex-mayor: A nod to ‘scrappy Springfield'
Leaders share priorities, hopes - former Mayor Christine Lundberg shares her statement exclusively with The Chronicle, "I am proud of Springfield's legacy as a city..."
News January 20
DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. DAY: ‘We are truly free when none are oppressed’
SPRINGFIELD – Organizations found a safe way for the community to gather together in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. for the 23rd year by hosting a safe and socially-distanced rally on Jan. 18.
News January 20
School leaders work toward February return
CRESWELL – Despite the county’s ongoing status in the “extreme risk” category for the coronavirus, the Creswell superintendent said the district is still moving forward with in-person schooling.
News January 20
Athletic officials start practices, waiting on OSAA
High school players and coaches across all sports began practicing again Monday, Jan. 11, adhering to pandemic-specific safety guidelines, dreaming of actual competition once again. Those dreams are hanging by a thread right now.
Obituaries January 20
Harley Edward Lewis Jr.: Dec. 28, 1940 – Jan. 12, 2021
FreeObituaries January 20
James ‘Jim’ Perkins: April 25, 1941 – Jan. 12, 2021
FreeObituaries January 20
Eli Laird: Aug. 27, 1981 – Nov. 15, 2020
FreeObituaries January 20
Stevan Richard Jaffe: May 9, 1948 – Jan. 9, 2021
FreeObituaries January 20
Lonnie Jay Davis: April 30, 1950 – Jan. 16, 2021
FreeObituaries January 20
Chere Johnson: March 26, 1938 – Jan. 4, 2021
FreeObituaries January 20
Tina Mercurio: Feb. 1, 1972 – Dec. 4, 2020
News January 19
Coop’s widow seeking closure: 'I didn't get to say goodbye'
It's been nearly a year and a half since Candy Coop lost her husband to a tragic treefall as he drove down Hamm Rd. Mike Coop, a well-known and beloved husband, friend and neighbor, was suddenly gone. Candy was hoping she’d be feeling a sense of closure by now. Things haven’t worked out that way.
Community January 16
Going Up - Leaders dig in on elevator project for century-old church
SPRINGFIELD – Members of the Ebbert Memorial United Methodist Church at 532 C St. in Springfield on Jan. 11 broke ground for a new elevator project that will allow Americans with Disabilities Act-approved access to all major building areas.
Community January 16
Recalling the joys of Tonka trucks, cranes and model railroad trains
The coronavirus has certainly changed the habits of many of us. Personally, I have always been an avid reader, but that pastime has probably tripled in the last 10 months. Most of my reading material is history, and some of my favorites are “Good Old Days” and “Reminisce” magazines. A recent story I read reminded me of some of my personal family activities. The story I refer to starts off – a young man writes when he was 4 months old in 1940, his 7-year-old brother received a Lionel train as a Christmas gift.
Community January 16
10 ‘gigs’ that might work
For people of all generations looking to keep active, supplement their income, meet people and learn new things, the “gig economy” provides opportunities, and many of the jobs can be done remotely. Post your “resume” and contact info in The Chronicle for FREE. The Chronicle is offering classified ad space for job seekers! Send your 25-word ad to [email protected] or call our office 541-895-2197 today!
Community January 16
State taking public comments regarding ADA transition plan for parks
Oregon Parks and Recreation Department is accepting public comments on a Americans with Disabilities Act Transition Plan that will guide the agency in removing barriers to park access over the next 25 years.
Community January 15
Grovers build on partnership with Greenhill Humane Society
"Dogs and cats seem to have it pretty good in Cottage Grove. I see many dogs being led by their owners on walks all over town. We have LuLu’s Dog Park, where canines can romp off-leash and socialize with their own kind while their owners do the same in small clusters at the benches and tables."
Opinion January 15
Statement from Lane County Commission
"What we are witnessing in our nation’s Capitol does not represent the United States of America. It is not who we are. The actions of this angry mob amount to nothing short of sedition and an attempted coup against our democracy. It is the direct result of hateful rhetoric and dangerous demagoguery spread through social media instead of thoughtful debate and respect for the constitutional electoral process." - Lane County Board of Commissioners Chair Joe Berney
Opinion January 15
A view from friends in Italy
“We think there is only one way to give a strong signal, both internally and internationally; to reiterate that the overwhelming majority of Americans continue to believe in democracy..."
Opinion January 15
Heyman ‘ashamed’ of those who violated laws, Capitol
“In all my 90 years out of the 96 I have lived, never did I witness anything to embarrass, enrage me or make me so ashamed as the large numbers of Citizens of our great nation when they took the opportunity to violate the sanctity of all the rules of law and patriotic duty in our great nation." - retired Colonel Richard Heyman
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