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Community July 9
Gun shop owner stresses instruction after run on guns
As fear of the future grew in our community, toilet paper and hand sanitizer were not the only things unable to stay in stock. Handguns were flying off the shelves.
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Community • Our Stories July 10
Our Stories
The five smartest people I have ever known were all mechanics. Two of them didn’t graduate high school, but the three who did also went to college but only used higher education as a means of burnishing their already well-designed engines built upon mechanical knowledge.
News • Cottage Grove July 10
Bartolotti’s owner loves life running pizza shop
Bartolotti’s Pizza General Manager Steve Shinn has had his sights set on Cottage Grove ever since he opened his restaurant in Springfield, and finally he is able to make the leap with his third expansion.
News • Springfield July 9
City Council passes 3-year police contract
The City Council voted July 6 to pass a three-year labor contract with the Springfield Police Association (SPA) after staff concluded negotiations that began on Feb. 27.
Education July 9
Family traditions
Sixteen-year-old Colton Spence has been part of 4-H since fourth grade. He is one of four siblings who have done 4-H throughout their childhood.
Education July 9
Education Station Notebook
Springfield Public Library is offering classes to help patrons learn to code and improve their web-development skills through the free online learning platform, Treehouse.
News • Cottage Grove July 9
‘Holidaze’ in the strange times
Here is hoping everyone had a safe and happy Fourth of July celebration in the strange new world we find ourselves. I know many Grovers were at a loss without the annual Creswell Celebration to crash. It has become a Cottage Grove tradition for many, to migrate north for the day and enjoy your hospitality.
Community • Our Stories July 9
We hold these truths to be self-evident
The inspiration for this piece came while checking out at the Creswell Bi-Mart last week. There was an older man without a facemask on, bellowing his displeasure at Gov. Kate Brown’s requiring citizens to wear facemasks in hard-hit Oregon counties.
Opinion • Chinese Astrology July 9
Charismatic Libra-Monkey & family dynamics
A reader born under the sun sign Libra during the lunar Year of the Monkey, asked about the dynamics between her family members and herself.
July 9
Selling the store ... keeping the memories
As many of you already know, Jim and I have owned the Lorane Family Store in Lorane for almost 43 years now. In 1926, Bill Mitchell and his wife Hattie bought the land on both sides of the road, where the store currently sits.
Community July 8
Applying lessons learned during tough times
We have definitely had trails lately: COVID-19, then the social unrest caused by recurring racism. When I was younger I did not appreciate trials or challenging times.
Holiday • Fourth of July July 8
Springfield celebrates with a cruise
People drove from all over the state to attend the first Oregon Performance Cruise. It began at the Old Symantec building, now Pacific Source, at 555 International Way in Springfield.
Community July 8
New deputies join Sheriff’s office in Creswell
Three deputies have joined the Lane County Sheriff Office’s contract team in Creswell.
Holiday • Fourth of July July 8
Creswell July Fourth contest winners
FreeNews July 8
Update: Wooten still on leave; Chronicle receives documents
Update: John Wooten, the embattled fire chief of the South Lane County Fire & Rescue Department is yet to return to work after being reinstated by the board June 18.
FreeHoliday • Fourth of July July 8
Homemade parade
A show of independence in Creswell
FreeObituaries July 8
Death Notices
FreeObituaries July 8
Helen Kalamas
Nov. 14, 1987 - June 26, 2020
FreeObituaries July 8
Dotty Lynch
Oct. 16, 1935 - June 29, 2020
FreeObituaries July 8
Jeffery Richmond
Dec. 24, 1959 - June 18, 2020
FreeObituaries July 8
Dorothy Lundquist
Nov. 22, 1929 - June 28, 2020
FreeObituaries July 8
Pauline Clark
June 6, 1953 - June 23, 2020
FreeObituaries July 8
Paul Birch
Aug. 21, 1950 - June 28, 2020
FOURTH OF JULY 2020 July 4
Creswell residents make July Fourth a homemade celebration
This year's Fourth of July in Creswell is like no other — celebrating patriotism in a pandemic. Coronavirus restrictions have limited gathering sizes and halted traditional events, but have not hindered the city's spirit.
Cottage Grove July 4
Rose gardens & raptors
Owen Rose Garden at 300 N. Jefferson in Eugene brings back many fond memories of walks I used to take with family and friends. The footbridge there crosses from the Valley River parking lot, over the Willamette River and then connects to a bike path, eventually leading to the rose garden.
Holiday July 4
An extended celebration to last a lifetime of anniversaries
he following is an excerpt from my mother’s autobiography, “A Tennessee-Floridian’s Life Story,’ a year-by-year recounting of her first 40 years in Tennessee, followed by her next 40 years in Cocoa Beach, Fla. When Ken Hartman met my mother, Jean, he had recently got home from WWII and, in his typical fashion, was in love and wanted to get married right away.
News • Cottage Grove July 4
Just ‘beeing’ friendly
My yard has gone wild ... with best of intentions
Opinion • Chinese Astrology July 3
Aries-Rabbits well matched with warriors
A female reader born under the sun sign Aries during the lunar Year of the Rabbit asked me what sign would match well with her sign. An Aries-Rabbit is very strong, independent, and a good leader.
Health July 3
Nutritionally Speaking: A ‘Terroir Manifesto‘
Do you know where your food comes from? Have you met any of the farmers who work tirelessly in the heat so that you will have veggies and fruit on your table? Met any of the folks who baked the bread for the sandwich or toast you may be enjoying as you read this?
Teen missing from Drain
Deputies are seeking information as to the whereabouts of a missing 15-year-old from Drain.
Community July 3
Cottage Grove running legend shares background, unique experiences
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