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FreeEducation May 23
CHS parents seeking support for seniors
Lack of spring fundraising has threatened to diminish graduation experience
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FreeEducation May 22
Education Station Notebook
n a special collaboration with Adopt a Farmer and Northwest Transplants, Creslane Elementary was able to give students free broccoli and pepper starts to pick up and grow at home. Small bags of soil were also available for families to pick up while supplies last.
FreeEducation May 22
McKinney-Vento, community helping homeless students
South Lane School District’s McKinney-Vento Liaison Jade Chamness has been working with the Cottage Grove community to help the district’s homeless students during COVID-19.
News • Springfield May 22
Family overwhelmed by support
“He’s going to be a kid, he’s going to get to go outside and he’s going to get physical and occupational therapy without even knowing it.” – Jeanette Laird Bianchi
FreeEducation May 22
Furloughs might last into July
Although Superintendent Mike Johnson described the economic impact as fluid, Gov. Kate Brown is starting to share forecasting messages about the economic picture.
FreeNews • Cottage Grove May 22
‘He was who he was’
Bob Ehler, 67, remembered for helping others
FreeCommunity • Our Stories May 21
Hail, Haliclystus auricula
Two ways of ‘being’ and the value of walking backward
FreeChronicle1909 Exlcusive May 21
CHS principal Watkins takes Blachly superintendent role
After three years in the position of Creswell High School Principal, Adam Watkins has accepted the position of Blachly Lane School District superintendent.
FreeHealth May 21
Nutritionally Speaking: Avoid the Covid-19 blues
I often write about the things I need to hear myself. I consider myself blessed with good health, and not among those greatly impacted by our current situation with the Coronavirus, and I am grateful that the incidence rate has been relatively low in our county and environs.
FreeOutdoors • Angler's Log May 21
‘I fell in love with it’
I’ll start this week by saying, that although life for Oregonians will be far from normal for the foreseeable future, the state of Oregon and most counties – including Lane County – saw a relaxing of the COVID-19 restrictions related to anglers, boaters and others beginning last week.
FreeOpinion • Chinese Astrology May 21
Elon Musk and populating planets
During a conversation with a friend this week, I discovered Elon Musk is a new father. Congratulations to the new parents! Procreation is an extremely important aspect of lunar astrology, and Elon Musk may be interested to learn more about it, especially if he intends to introduce procreation into his plans to colonize Mars.
FreeChronicle1909 Exlcusive May 21
Cottage Grove woman dies in crash near Creswell
A Cottage Grove woman died in a car accident on Highway 99 near Creswell on Thursday, May 21, according to Oregon State Police.
FreeOpinion May 21
Letter to the Editor - Wedding photos caused distancing concerns
I realize that The Chronicle printed the article “Wanna get hitched? Truck yeah!” (May 7, 2020) as a feel-good story, something positive in the middle of gloomy COVID-19 news.
FreeOpinion May 21
Bistro owners’ how-to on survival: Rise and grind!
Sometimes the calendar works in your favor, like when your birthday falls on a weekend so you don’t have to “call in sick,” or Independence Day falls on a Monday and you can get an extra day of vacation.
FreeCommunity May 21
Funding shortfalls slow progress on Schoolhouse
Progress continues on the restoration of Creswell’s old schoolhouse, but some projects may be delayed due to funding shortfalls. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused redirection of grant funds that might have been available for historic restoration to more pressing community needs.
FreeCommunity May 21
Taking time to recall dear friends lost too soon
With the COVID-19 protocols still in place there hasn’t been a lot to relate as far as community news. Unfortunately, much of what I have to report today is not the happy kind. I just learned that we have lost three more of our longtime friends and neighbors recently.
FreeCommunity May 21
A safe course of action: Play golf, ’never interact with anybody’
There’s absolutely no truth to the rumor that one of golf’s new COVID-19 era rules is that all players, after an errant tee shot, must now yell “Six!” instead of “Fore!”
Emerald Valley Almanac May 21
Insect and reptile weather folklore
Ants, bees, other insects offer clues about upcoming weather
FreeCommunity May 21
Community May 20
FreeNews May 20
Park vandal caught on tape
Minor acts of vandalism at Holt Park – in apparent retaliation for the City’s public health and safety measures due to the pandemic, already has cost around $700 in time and material, said Public Works Director Cliff Bellew.
FreeNews May 20
Chamber cancels July 4 event after mayor demands action
The Chamber of Commerce’s board of directors announced May 14 that it was canceling the annual Fourth of July Celebration amid public safety concerns and Gov. Kate Brown’s executive orders, The Chronicle first reported this past Wednesday on its website.
FreeNews May 20
Hungry for Company
Restaurants open doors and urge patience and respect.
FreeMemorial Day May 20
USS Pueblo (AGER-2)
At my home in Wyoming, I have a bronze bust of Commander Lloyd Mark “Pete” Bucher of the USS Pueblo, which was captured by the North Koreans in January 1968 and held for nearly a year.
FreeMemorial Day May 20
A Footnote and Friends
Footnotes might be called the Rodney Dangerfield of American History: “They don’t get no respect.” Well, some of them anyhow. That’s a crying shame, too, because some can still teach us important lessons we could benefit from today, but only if we know about them, of course.
FreeMemorial Day May 20
Cub Scouts play their part in honoring veterans, POW/MIA service members
Local Scouts and Creswell VFW Post 4039 members honor veterans – and particularly fallen and POW/MIA service members – each year out of a sense of conviction: “Memorial Day’s importance must be understood by all who have benefited from veterans’ sacrifices, and there is a duty to continue imparting its significance to younger generations.”
FreeMemorial Day May 20
Recalling ‘Decoration Day’
Many of us remember our family gathering for Memorial Day when we were children. We would spend the day at the family gravesite, cleaning and weeding and leaving flowers. Then we would picnic, right beside the graves – that always kind of felt creepy to me.
FreeMemorial Day May 20
Wars and names change; we still honor the courageous
This is a day for remembrance. It was established many years ago to honor the military service members from the “War to end all wars.”
FreeMemorial Day May 20
Never forgotten
Beck reflects on fulfilling career, looks ahead to more service
FreeObituaries May 20
Death Notices
FreeObituaries May 20
Mary Elisabeth Boyd
July 3, 1943 - May 8, 2020
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