Letter to the editor: Norgrove’s reporting makes a difference

The Chronicle deserves accolades and appreciation for the essential revelations in Ryleigh Norgrove’s writing about the resignations of two Cottage Grove police department leaders (“Extremely unacceptable behavior’ led to Cottage Grove PD resignations” March 16, 2023). Thank you!  I am aware of and applaud the efforts and progress within the[Read More…]

Fifty first names only: March 2023

Noel Nash, publisher My brothers and I worked for our dad throughout high school – and two of us worked with him afterward for a few years. He was a painting contractor in South Florida for more than 35 years. Cleaning, prepping, painting in ridiculous heat and humidity. We had[Read More…]

Letter to the editor: CG Police coverage demonstrates importance of local news

Dear Editor: Congratulations to journalist Ryleigh Norgrove and the entire Chronicle staff for the fine reporting and persistent investigation that revealed the story behind the resignations of former Cottage Grove Police Chief Scott Shepherd and Captain Conrad Gagner (Extremely unacceptable behavior led to Cottage Grove PD resignations, March 9, 2023).[Read More…]

Measure 110 helps access to substance abuse treatment

In November 2020, Oregonians voted to transform the way our state responds to substance use by passing Measure 110. The measure generated significant controversy by decriminalizing the possession of controlled substances – including methamphetamine, heroin, and fentanyl. It created a new system to deliver treatment, housing, and harm reduction services[Read More…]