Author: Don Williams for The Chronicle

Nostalgia Corner: Remembering, missing friends during 86th birthday celebration

Don Williams celebrated his 86th birthday on March 9, surrounded by friends at Stacy’s Covered Bridge Restaurant. Standing, from left are: Shawn Kelley, Karol Kuhn Simons, JD and Ruth Linoz, Tyson Woodard, Ralph Weeldreyer, Kris Woodard, Cameron Reiten, Celia Gowing, Jeff Gowing, Bev Kelly, Dale Pallin, Bob Martindale, Grant Johnson,[Read More…]

A big idea: Cottage Grove replica town

A replica town would include special locations such as the Swinging Bridge and various historic covered bridges. As readers know, my columns contain nostalgia and history. And hopefully, things that might suggest a happy family outing. Recently my articles have contained information on the railroading history and movie making, mining and[Read More…]