Letter to the Editor: Springfield fire chief has record of community service

To the Editor: 

Dear Chief Craven:

My hearty congratulations on your appointment of Fire Chief. I remember when you came to the CG Department in 2002. You worked hard to educate yourself on fire science and paramedics. I notice your presentations on TV. You are extremely well-spoken and do an excellent job of representing the profession you are in. 

 Fire Service has been a very important part of my life from the mid-60s when I trained in Everett. We had a fire brigade and I served as fire chief on 2nd shift for several years. I trained with the Everett Fire Department. Moving to CG, I worked with Bruce Lamb and Steve Allen.

 I want to add my thanks to Bob and your son for the support and effort, contributions made to the carousel. I apologize for not formally thanking you and your family for the wonderful chocolate horses, and so many other wonderful things that Sanity Chocolate contributed to the benefit of the carousel.

 I will always regret the fact that the rooster got away from us. I knew at the time your son had a fondness for that bird! I remember very well the heart-rending little boy that gave his piggy bank to the carousel project. I had in the back of my mind to promote its owner and buy that chicken for your son. But it was sold, unbeknownst to me. 

Again, thank you for the wonderful conversations we’ve had about chocolate, and the wonderful things we have experienced in our community. My thanks to your family, and to your business. I do hope that Bob continues the chocolate factory.

 And thank you for your service and contributions to the community.


Don Williams, Cottage Grove