Author: Don Williams for The Chronicle

Rose gardens & raptors

Owen Rose Garden at 300 N. Jefferson in Eugene brings back many fond memories of walks I used to take with family and friends. The footbridge there crosses from the Valley River parking lot, over the Willamette River and then connects to a bike path, eventually leading to the rose[Read More…]

Grovers gone, but not forgotten

In reading the local obituaries, the past year has brought about much nostalgia and memories of so many community leaders who have left their fingerprints and footprints on projects in Cottage Grove. Many have left indelible wonderful memories working with them on community projects. The other day I opened the[Read More…]

Bridging History

Oregon was a leader in the 1850s in the construction of covered bridges over rivers and  creeks. Steel was difficult to obtain, and expensive. Timber, on the other hand, was readily available. This is one reason Oregon became the state with the most covered bridges west of the Mississippi, and[Read More…]

Touched by polio, blessed by Rotary

I was intrigued with the latest article by Col. Richard Heyman regarding contagious disease, and the polio epidemic. I lived through the polio scares in the 1940s and ’50s. I was impacted with my father’s older brother having paralyzed legs, as did President Franklin Roosevelt.  My uncle contracted polio on a ranch[Read More…]