Cottage Grove

Temporary shelters built at overflow camp

COTTAGE GROVE ­— Last week, volunteers in Cottage Grove worked alongside campers at the overflow shelter space to build “Happy Huts,” to prepare for the coming winter weather. The huts were built with PVC pipe, rebar, tarps and pallet wood. The project is a collaboration between camp residents and volunteers.[Read More…]

Cottage Theatre’s Into the Woods: A darkly delightful production

Review: Yes, it’s happily ever after, at least until reality bites. That’s also when the Cottage Theatre’s production of Into the Woods shifts from a whimsical journey through the heroes of Grimm’s fairy tales to a dark and twisted story of hopes, dreams and, most importantly, wishes.  Cue the musical’s[Read More…]

Homeless shelter bid awarded

COTTAGE GROVE – Carry it Forward, a Lane County non-profit that serves unhoused people, has been awarded $ 200,000 annual contract with the City of Cottage Grove to run the shelter site off of Highway 99.  “I feel that this is the best bite we can make,” councilor Kenneth Roberts[Read More…]

Cottage Grove thinking ‘green’: Proposed county park levy would revitalize Baker Bay

BOBBY STEVENS / THE CHRONICLE The Cottage Grove City Council convened Monday to discuss issues facing natural areas in greater Lane County — a potential ballot measure pitched by a Lane County Parks Division Manager Brett Henry and to appoint members to the city’s Urban Forestry Committee.  In the 2018[Read More…]

Cottage Grove Police Chief

COTTAGE GROVE – As part of an independent investigation, the City of Cottage Grove placed the city’s police chief and captain on paid administrative leave on Friday. The City declined to comment on what allegations have been made, or how far the investigation reaches.  Cottage Grove police chief Scott Shepherd[Read More…]