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Downsizing 101 – Getting Started


So you’re ready to begin downsizing your home. You’re not sure where to begin, but you know it’s time. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day… and yet it was built! Toss out any judgment you may have about HOW things got to be the way they are. You are doing a good thing; be good to yourself!
Successful downsizing has many components but here’s a start to actual hands-on downsizing that works. There are TWO steps to downsizing. The first step is organizing and sorting, and the second step is decision making. If you skip step one, the process will take much longer. Let’s start by walking you through downsizing your hall closet.
Put folding tables nearby for items from the closet. You begin sorting the items by placing them with other like-items. For example, if you are removing sheets put all the various sized sheets in separate piles: queens, full, twin. If you have sheets elsewhere in the house, get them and add to the piles. Sort everything in the closet the same way, putting like-items in piles. If you find vases in the closet do the same, putting clear vases together, short ones, tall ones, colored, etc., in rows so you can see what you have. Add other vases around house now.
Do this for all items in closet. Remember: sorting and organizing first, then decision making. Sort the entire closet before deciding. If it helps pretend you are sorting someone else’s things. Create some distance between you and what you are sorting, so you aren’t tempted to think about each item at this point.
When everything is sorted it’s time to make decisions. Looking at the sheets, remember what you currently have on your beds (or in the wash) and then ask yourself what sheet sets you use. Remove those just taking up space on the shelf and put them in a box to donate, sell, or share. Do the same for towels etc., keeping only what you enjoy using, removing the rest. Repeat this same process for all items. Ask yourself what type of vases you use at this point in your life. Be reflective and honest with yourself.
Mark boxes you’ve filled ”Donate,” ”Sell,” ”Share,” and place them out of the way.
Next month we’ll look at options for disposing the things you no longer want.



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