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Opinion: Election 2020

Cottage Grove mayoral candidate: DelSol: ‘... Willing to work outside the political box’

My name is Ivan DelSol and I’m running for Cottage Grove mayor in 2030. I know, I know. I’m a few years early. I wanted to get a head start. The thing is, this year most everyone still supports one of our major political parties. Personally, I think they’re both absolutely criminal, and I cannot in good conscience support either. This makes it an odd time to run for office, because apparently not very many people agree with me. That’s okay. My theory is this: as politics and our government become ever more farcical, eventually people will decide they want a mayor that thinks like I do. This year, I’m just running to let everyone know that I’m here and willing to work outside the political box. After a few more cycles of voting for buffoons and lesser evils, I’m betting you’ll be ready to try that, too.

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