Cottage Grove council candidate: Savage: ‘… Called to serve my community’


“America is hurting, really hurting. Thousands of people are dying every week. Jobs lost. Lives thrown asunder. The West is on fire. Our international standing at the lowest point I can remember. We need leadership. We need empathy. We need unity. We need justice. We need hope.” 

Dan Rather 

I have been given an opportunity to share my viewpoint, so I am going to get a little vulnerable and share why I believe we can be united despite our differences. 

Why am I running for office? I have had to answer the question often. Do I need more on my plate? No. I am a wife, mother, business owner and I have a job downtown. Do I want the prestige of office? No, being judged from people’s perception which may not be true is not desirable. Is it for the money? NO. This is a volunteer position. So, the question remains. What is my motive for running for office?  

Truly, what it comes down to, is I feel called to serve my community and do what I can to make a difference. All candidates have good talking points because we are trying to show voters that we are good people wanting to make a difference. What unites us as a community are the little acts of service we do without requiring notoriety.  

I grew up as a preacher’s daughter, attending church every Sunday and feeling supported through everything I wanted to try. I watched the adults in my life talk out differences until one person was swayed or both parties agreed to disagree amicably. Then I watched them move on to the next project and start this process over again. I did not know the word progressive, but I understood inclusion. 

Reflecting as an adult I realize that this was a unique environment. Yet I continue to desire to create a space where individuals feel safe, supported, valued, and encouraged. I believe that I did this in every job I have ever held. I want to help. I want to be of service. I continually ask myself “How can I apply my skills in a way that would be useful for those around me?” I don’t think that I am the only one who asks this question. It’s in our human nature to process the information that we have and 

make the best decision possible. I believe that we all perform acts of kindness. Look at how we came together during the recent fires. When in times of crisis, there is little hesitation, and I would like to encourage folks to cling to that feeling even when the crisis is not seen.  

“When I was a child, I would see scary things in the news, mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers.” You will always find people who are helping. ~ Fred Rodgers 

I want a healthy town to raise our kids in. I want my kids to be able to walk to the park without fear of seeing drug paraphernalia. I want to see more job opportunities, so our children don’t have to leave town to earn an honest dollar. I want more housing so our kids, my friends, our seniors don’t need to move away to find somewhere to live. 

I want to take my experience of working in the medical field for nearly 15 years as well as my personal experience of being an advocate for children with disabilities and apply that to gain better access to mental health. I want to use my experience in housing development to advocate for more living opportunities for current residents of Cottage Grove.  

When our family moved here seven years ago, we knew this was home. I became involved in many community events. Often working behind the scenes, I went unnoticed because I was not serving for notoriety, I was serving to help. Now it’s time to bring the attention to myself and ask you, the voter, to make your vote count.  

Vote for Vision. Vote for Integrity. Vote for Compassion. Vote Chalice Savage for City Council At Large. 


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