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LTE: The fixed income poverty myth

Dear Editor, 

Throughout the decades of my employable years I never knew if there would be job security from day to day. Commission incomes are highly variable, never fixed. Now, receiving Social Security, I finally have a “fixed” guaranteed income which increases for inflation, not exactly fixed. While I have no pension, many pensions are adjusted upwards for inflation. The only fixed incomes I know of are annuities, some older pensions, some trust accounts, and some disability payments.

Many retired people on “fixed” incomes drive large motor vehicles to purchase $5.00 coffee every morning and/or $6.00 beer every evening. I cannot accept the argument that utility rate increases cannot be afforded by people on “fixed” income when jurisdictions and utilities offer relief to those who are living in poverty.        

Ed Gunderson, Creswell 



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