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Celebrate your climate and sustainability wins

Much evidence shows the importance of celebrating small victories when undertaking big projects.  Whether building a house or teaching a history course, acknowledging milestones on the way to completion can improve project participant morale, increase productivity, and nurture a sense of community. Our collective energy to address the climate crisis[Read More…]

LTE: In reaction to ‘In moratorium’ reporting

We are new subscribers to The Chronicle, and have been enjoying the newspaper. So far, we have found the reporting to be thorough, and mostly bipartisan, which is important for a local news organization. I think the Oct. 26 article, “In Moratorium,” missed the most interesting part of the story,[Read More…]

Naming names: Catching up on summer

Now that we’re sliding into fall, it’s worth looking back on our summer – the hottest in several years. And I’m not talking about the temperature.  Our communities have been crackling with news, The Chronicle launched a nonprofit foundation to help preserve credible hyper-local coverage, new businesses are popping up,[Read More…]

‘The Producers’ play: A subversive satire in Cottage Grove

Months ago, I stumbled on a YouTube video titled, “Springtime for Hitler.” I was intrigued. As I watched this song and dance, the entire time I kept wondering, “Who could possibly have made this? Why would anyone make this?” It was so outlandish and offensive – but hilarious. I couldn’t[Read More…]



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