Author: By Emma Routley - The Chronicle

Safety project for children’s sake

Construction workers take concrete out to prepare for raised crossing.EMMA ROUTLEY/PHOTO SPRINGFIELD – Concerns for children’s safety sparks the start of construction projects in three Springfield school locations. According to Jeff Paschall, City Engineer for the City of Springfield, the first of the safety projects will be a raised crossing[Read More…]

FILLING A NEED, FIGHTING HUNGER: Creswell Food Pantry receives money, partners to serve families, lift spirits

Didi Brooks (left), 48, and step-daughter Kaytie Minks, 28, indicate their appreciation. Last Friday might have started out with a gloomy, overcast morning, but volunteers from the Creswell Food Pantry and FOOD for Lane County served free lunch to the Creswell community outside of Creslane Elementary School. But the enthusiasm[Read More…]

Father’s Day Buggy Blast

Painted Van Man Samonberry dipped into Springfield’s Northwest Bugfest on Sunday. He says he’s been all over with his VW; he’s followed the Grateful Dead on Tour and has been to each of the lower 48 states and all over Mexico. ELSIE NORDTVEDT/LIFESLICE PHOTOGRAPHY Ever since Bugfest became an annual[Read More…]

‘Right to Assemble’

Groups supporting Springfield law enforcement and Black Lives Matter marched and rallied. PHOTOS COURTESY OF BOB WILLIAMS PHOTOGRAPHY SPRINGFIELD – Two groups of protesters descended upon downtown streets, culminating in a rally at City Hall, in an overall peaceful protest with sporadic heated exchanges on Monday, June 22. The evening began[Read More…]