Father’s Day Buggy Blast

Painted Van Man Samonberry dipped into Springfield’s Northwest Bugfest on Sunday. He says he’s been all over with his VW; he’s followed the Grateful Dead on Tour and has been to each of the lower 48 states and all over Mexico. ELSIE NORDTVEDT/LIFESLICE PHOTOGRAPHY

Ever since Bugfest became an annual event, the car show has been a great way to start off Father’s Day festivities. Last Sunday, owner of Springfield German Import, Zack Wilson, 57, of Springfield, held Bugfest for the 26th year in a row despite COVID-19 restrictions.

Wilson says his interest in Volkswagens started after his time at Lane Community College, where he worked at the local Springfield Volkswagen dealership until they were bought out.  The idea for Bugfest came after a couple years’ lapse of no local car shows, says Wilson.

Alongside Bugfest, the swap meet is held at the same time on Father’s Day weekend each year. Wilson says this is so car lovers are able to get inspired from the cars they see and are able to purchase car parts.

Wilson says the event was a great turnout. Bugfest hosted about 40 cars. They encouraged attendees to use common sense when it came to social distancing and how people felt comfortable handling the pandemic.

“It wasn’t a big hug fest,” Wilson laughs. “Everyone had a good time. Some fun to start the day off.”

Wilson says while the event was smaller because the majority of the Portland Volkswagen community couldn’t attend, those who were able to travel thanked him for the opportunity to attend Bugfest. Those who couldn’t attend Bugfest 2020 shouldn’t worry though, Wilson says Bugfest 2021 will also be geared around family fun and comradery.