The story of the ‘donation boot’ – and a thank you!

Above, the donation boot has come full circle over 56 years, once again connected to fundraising.

I would like to take a moment of the readers’ time and thank the wonderful donors to the recent fundraising drive for BMD at Coiner Park. You donated over $1,600! My special thanks to those who put money in the boot to pay expenses, advertising, phone bills, etc., until we can achieve a much-needed get-together in 2021.

We are all hoping and praying this virus will pass and we can resume a normal life of comradery and meeting friends and relatives on the midway of Bohemia Mining Days. Until then, thank you, donors!

 The story of the donation:

A few weeks ago Cindy called and asked if I had a cowboy boot to lend her for a collection vessel for fundraising at Coiner Park. I had a cowgirl boot that goes back to 1964.

My deceased wife, Mary Jean, and I had, at that time, a commitment to help a candidate running for governor of Washington. One of the fundraisers for this campaign was a full-blown rodeo in Ellensburg. Mary Jean bought a pair of riding boots (cowgirl boots). She wore them only for special events..

In 1975 we were transferred from Washington to Oregon and the great Willamette Valley.

In 1979-1980 brought Jean and I volunteering at the Bohemia Mining Days festival. Again, to dress the part, she brought the boots out of the closet. This went on at special events until 1988, when the boots began to bother her feet. Somehow, in storage, one boot was lost.

The single boot rested in the storeroom, waiting for its mate to be found. 

The rejuvenation of the single boot with Cindy’s request for a vessel for the donation of BMD. The ironic part is – the original purchase of the boots was through a fundraiser for a governor’s campaign in 1964. The boot has traveled full circle in 56 years as being connected to fundraisers.

Again, my sincere thanks, one and all – volunteers and donors. Your BMD committee is working toward a bigger, better, brighter festival for 2021.



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