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Letter to the editor: Michelle Emmons: Public Safety AND Accountability

I am a resident of House District 12 and I am supporting Michelle Emmons to be my next state representative in Salem because she supports both public safety AND accountability.  I think it is very important that the voters of House District 12 know that the City of Springfield settled an excessive use of force lawsuit in 2015 for $450,000 on behalf of her opponent, Charles Conrad, when he was a Springfield police officer. (https://www.registerguard.com/story/news/2015/02/24/springfield-reaches-450k-settlement-with-deaf-man-injured-in-police-encounter-html-csp/12558483007/ )  According to a Register Guard article at the time, then-Officer Conrad threw hand-cuffed Raymond Toll, a 62 year old, deaf, unhoused, unarmed man to the ground, causing “two bone fractures, a dislocated knee and complete tears of three ligaments” that subsequently required multiple surgeries and rehabilitation.  I believe it is possible to have public safety without excessive force and costly lawsuits and thus Michelle Emmons is my choice for House District 12 state representative.

Barbara Kenny, Springfield