GreyMatter full of color at Block Party

SPRINGFIELD – Friday’s Block Party truly had something for everyone. With games for kids and adults, food and drinks, eight music stages and 30 local businesses involved, it made for a fun and peaceful atmosphere – despite the falling ash in the air from Oregon wildfires. 

Nearly everyone at the party stopped to take a look at The GreyMatter Jugglers. The Eugene group kept the audience captivated with their “cutting-edge” act, first juggling bowling pins, then graduating to long, sharp knives. Then they brought a unicycle into the performance – and everybody pulled it off without a hitch, of course. 

“Jugglers tend to be wild children,” said Sir Yapsalot (his stage name). “We found a good way to channel our need for attention.”


He said they’ve never had an injury while juggling knives. 

“The only time I ever got hurt was coming off the tall (7-foot) unicycle wrong,” Yapsalot said. “I hurt my foot and it took a year to get better.”

Juggling partner Habba La Babbs and Sir Yapsalot are both Midwesterners, and both have lived in Eugene for 15 years or so. 

“We believe in safety third – right after looking cool and making good jokes,” La Babbs said. 

“And we do have a third aid kit – we don’t believe in second aid – but in case something happens, first aid is laughter is the best medicine.” 

They said they really enjoy doing community events like the Block Party. 

“We love doing these events,” Yapsalot said. “We love Springfield and Eugene. We love performing and we love the crowds. It’s nice to have this happening again.”