D7 Candidate Huber: Focus on servant leadership



Birthplace: Eugene, Ore.

Marital status: Single 

Children: None 

Residence neighborhood: Springfield 

Online: Facebook.com/RaiphHuberforOregon 

Party registration: Republican 

Education: 2017, Roseburg High School 

Occupation(s): Self employed, Majority Business Owner 

Current employer: Rising Phoenix Apparel Inc. 

Public sector experience: None

Private sector experience: Catholic Community Services, Sourcepoint Mortgage (nonprofit and finance/banking industries) 

Elected office held: None

Growing up I always heard a great deal about accountability for your actions; whether in school, at work, or out of the streets, everywhere I went I heard about accountability. I never quite understood the importance of it until I got older and started to take a hard look at the system we have in place here in the United States and even in our own state. 

Growing up in a small town – or even a town on the outside of a bigger town – a lot of times, it’s easy to overlook the communities that don’t bear the numbers of citizens as other major hubs. It’s easy to overlook the smaller cities that maybe don’t have as big of a voice as those who are always in the spotlight; however, that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the same attention as the bigger areas. Politicians in particular, at times, can fall into the trap of what I like to call “hiding behind the chaos.” 

Politicians are elected to be a voice for those they serve and advocate for the viewpoints and beliefs of the community; however, at times, politicians either forget the beliefs of those they represent in favor of their own or simply abstain from representing as a whole. They think if they simply stay on the sidelines they won’t be noticed behind the noise or the chaos of our political system. They don’t think they can be held accountable – or rather, they won’t be. I believe it’s time to return to a system of true accountability and a system that mandates politicians to uphold the beliefs of ALL constituents regardless of personal beliefs. 

It’s time to be transparent and to return to true servant leadership. It’s time for change.

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