D7 Candidate Stout: Imagining a better Springfield



Birthplace: Eugene, Ore.

Marital status: Married

Spouse: Angela, professor of Ethics.

Children: Ages 7, 5, 2 and 6 months

Residence neighborhood: Thurston

Online: alanfororegon.com

Party registration: Republican

Education: BA, St. Olaf College, 2008, MTS Notre Dame 2013

Occupatio: Sales Manager

Current employer: Cedarwood Distribution

Public sector experience: None.

Private sector experience: Marketing, sales, work abroad.

Elected office held: None.

I love Springfield, and I want you to imagine with me just how wonderful a place it can be.

Imagine multiple generations of families walking from their homes to places of worship, to parks, or to local restaurants. Imagine children protected from danger or automobile accidents.

Imagine businesses choosing Springfield not because of tax giveaways, but because of the quality of its reliable people and well-trained workforce. Imagine higher wages and profits for all workers and businesses because we are an innovation hub.

Imagine schools and parents working together, supporting children to embrace virtue and their own family’s values. Imagine young adults skilled not only in trades but becoming well rounded, thoughtful human beings.

Imagine homelessness being unimaginable because of strong mental health and housing support. Imagine more and varied housing options that keep home prices affordable in our area.

Imagine tremendous support for single parents, support for foster parents, and generous material support for those in need—sponsored by organizations that care for people not as numbers but as individuals.

Imagine an abundance of local agriculture and farming making Springfield one of the healthiest parts of Oregon. 

Imagine pride in our local city, not only because of what we have poured into it, but because of the way it enriches all who come to live here.

It’s not an impossible dream, but it won’t happen with our current approach.

I believe that with a few baby steps in the right direction it can become a reality within one generation. 

We must keep our values sound, keep our money invested locally, and make incremental, positive change.

I want to serve Springfield as an Oregon state representative because I believe that Springfield is ready to make this vision a reality.

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