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Father is curious about his Tiger daughter’s strengths

I received a question from a reader who was born during the lunar Year of the Rat. He wondered what Chinese astrology could tell him about his daughter, who was born during the lunar Year of the Tiger. 

He said his daughter is beginning graduate school, and he would like to know which careers Tigers enjoy and which careers Tiger women find most success.

Traits that we must understand about Tiger women is they are strong, energetic, passionate, opinionated, and aggressive. They see life as an adventure, and they do not thrive while sequestered in an office environment without windows. Tiger women enjoy the interaction of subordinates. They enjoy being in a management position, one that allows them to freely voice their opinions, delegate duties, and inspire others, but not in a leadership position that requires them to personally accomplish the tedious duties of administration.

Tigers do not have the patience to focus on long-term projects, so it’s important they are able to delegate tedious duties to others, and to voice their opinions without contradiction. 

Tiger-born individuals are wonderful writers, they argue like champions, their intelligence and research abilities are flawless, but they do their best work on short-term projects that they can control. Often, Tigers consider law school, and many Tigers complete law school, later to find that they struggle to thrive in a system that puts the outcome in the hands of others. Tigers would do well as judges, but often don’t have the patience to reach the position of judge. Tigers often find they have more power and influence as a communicator or performer, rather than a legal practitioner or politician. 

Tigers enjoy attention, lots of it. They enjoy giving advice, and they believe they know more than others about most subjects. Tigers do not appreciate being contradicted or ignored; they become fighting mad and can lash out viciously toward their adversaries. You will seldom, if ever, hear an apology from a Tiger, but they attempt to make amends if they feel your friendship is true, loyal, and valuable.

Tigers love adventure and the outdoors. They enjoy protecting vulnerable people and animals. They would not hesitate to fight for their country, rush into a burning building or leap into water to save a life. Tigers are wonderful speakers in front of audiences, groups, radio, TV, or classrooms. Tigers would enjoy serving in the military, teaching young children or college students, or coaching athletes, landscaping or farming, and writing opinion columns or informational books. Tigers would do well and be happy working in exciting careers that offer new challenges often, outdoor opportunities, and changing environments. They would not do well in any career that confines them to a dark or enclosed environment. 

Famous female Tigers include Demi Moore, Paula Abdul, Jodie Foster, Kelly Preston, Rosie O’Donnell, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. 



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