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Thank you so much!

We are overwhelmed. 

The response to our public appeal for support has generated so much more than money. The comments and diversity of contributors are more meaningful than the hard-earned dollars that they have contributed. 

Our donation total steadily climbs, but the generosity and kindness have our “goodwill bank account” already bursting at the seams.

Nearly 20 individuals have contributed to the tax-deductible fund established to help our small business survive as advertising revenue has virtually disappeared during the pandemic. The average donation is around $60, far above the minimum $25 we requested. 

On top of that, several business leaders in Creswell have quietly reached out to us and discussed potential funding scenarios. While nothing is concrete on that front, it makes it easier to sleep at night knowing there are people who care, and are applying their critical thinking and business skills to help us.

We’ve applied for the various national and state emergency funding efforts; we’ve been shut out so far. So these phone calls from concerned community leaders and your donations are life-sustaining for us. 

At the same time, I wonder how other small-business owners – the ones who haven’t received those calls, and don’t have a donation fund established – are surviving right now. I’d hardly claim the title of “survivor” at this stage – we’re still operating day-to-day and our future is uncertain – but already there are pangs of guilt because I see a path forward for my business. I know others, rightfully, don’t feel as certain. We want to be around so we can help them, too.

Today, we renew our appeal. If you can, or know someone who can, please donate to help keep The Chronicle alive so we can serve critical, life-saving, and life-affirming news and information to our families, friends and neighbors in Creswell, Springfield, Cottage Grove, Pleasant Hill and surrounding towns who have no other community newspaper coverage.

When we launched the donation initiative, I explained that we have found ourselves in extraordinary circumstances.

As readers, you understand the value of a free press and what community journalism means to rural and small towns. Yes, there is a watchdog role to make sure those in trusted positions fulfill their duties legally and with decency.

The “value add” of The Chronicle is in the unique-and-differentiating content we provide – coverage of family, friends and neighbors – that all other media has abandoned. And we do it with the credibility and community standards that social media doesn’t deliver. 

Today especially, the paper’s utilitarian value in providing important information is essential. Journalists have been deemed “essential” employees, as well. We are front-line workers. Indeed, our small but courageous reporters are “in the field” and dedicated to serving our communities.

We recently published the Creswell Chamber of Commerce’s Visitors and Newcomers Guide, featuring all of the “gems” of Creswell – the small businesses that support and sustain our communities. We continue to produce, print and distribute the weekly paper, and make sure is relevant on a 24/7 basis.

We’ve asked you to support local businesses since the day we arrived; there is a bit of enlightened self-interest, of course. We are, after all, a small business, too. 

Thank you in advance for reading and considering any donation.

Here are a sample of comments that have had our teams intermittently in tears the past week, published on the site: 

“You guys are a great team! You’ll make it through this with the rest of us. Thank you for everything you provide to southern Lane County.”


“Thanks for your reporting!”


“In loving memory of my father, Rev. Dr. Larry Wheeler, who enjoyed reading The Chronicle.”


“We value the importance of a locally-owned newspaper. It is with great pleasure we financially support The Chronicle through the uncertainty of this COVID-19 pandemic and the negative financial impacts it has had on the newspaper’s advertisers. The Chronicle continues the commitment of its previous owners to shining a spotlight on all corners of the community to create community. We are impressed with how the paper has successfully expanded into the Cottage Grove area and also with the professionalism of its owners and staff. We encourage others to be generous and invest in the future of this great publication and to join us in praying for this pandemic to end as quickly as possible.”


“Because hyper local news – and your vision in particular – is worth saving.”


“One business to another. Keep up the amazing work you do. Stay happy, healthy and safe.”


“Best of luck to The Chronicle in this tough time. Thank you.”


“Keep up the excellent coverage! The Chronicle is an invaluable asset to our community. Thank you Team Chronicle!”


“I enjoy the paper very much – and have for many years. May this help a little. God bless you folks.”


“The Chronicle has been the primary news source for Springfield covering stories that no one else is covering. Springfield, Cottage Grove and Creswell need you.”



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