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Grow garden staples in time for second round of virus

I am hearing from friends all over the country that they are taking advantage of the extra time at home to plant gardens — even bigger than last year. 

Some are planting in containers, some in raised beds, and a friend shared the plans to use pallets as the garden bed … you just plant between the wood slats … less weeding and soil needed than a typical raised bed. 

Experts say we may have another round of this virus in the fall/winter and it would be great to have some fermented food available to support our health … especially if getting to the stores will be challenging. 

A couple of garden staples are cucumbers and cabbage, and they can be fermented to preserve and enjoy long after the harvest. Cabbage is very high in Vitamin C. This simple vitamin can be a great ally as we endeavor to avoid the effects of the coronavirus. Fermented cucumbers — also known as pickles — are loaded with probiotics to support a healthy and robust immune system. 

Almost anything we harvest can be preserved this way. 

Foods preserved via lacto-fermentation can last several months in airtight containers in your refrigerator. The shelf-life can be extended dramatically by canning the sauerkraut but the heat involved in the canning process destroys much of the Vitamin C and live “colon loving” cultures present. 

In her book, Nourishing Traditions, Sally Fallon provides some excellent instructions and background on the fermentation of vegetables and fruits, grains, nuts, seeds, fish and meat. Below is a Sauerkraut variation based on Fallon’s basic recipe.



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