Sports Zone


11 a.m.: Shot Put, men’s qualifying
3 p.m.: Women’s discus throw, qualifying
3:02 p.m.: Women’s 400m, 1st round
3:30 p.m.: Men’s 400m, 1st round
3:45 p.m.: Women’s high jump, qualifying
3:58 p.m.: Women’s 1500m, 1st round
4:26 p.m.: Men’s 800m, 1st round
4:54 p.m.: Men’s 5000m, 1st round
5:15 p.m.: Women’s long jump, qualifying
5:25 p.m.: Men’s shot put, final
5:32 p.m.: Women’s 100m, 1st round
6:22 p.m.: Women’s 10,000m, final
Noon: Men’s 100m, decathlon
12:50 p.m.: Men’s long jump, decathlon
1:15 p.m.: Men’s javelin throw, qualifying
1:50 p.m.: Men’s shot put, decathlon
3 p.m.: Men’s high jump, decathlon
3:30 p.m.: Men’s pole vault, qualifying
4:04 p.m.: Women’s 100m hurdles, 1st round
4:15 p.m.: Men’s long jump, qualifying
4:34 p.m.: Men’s 100m, 1st round
5:03 p.m.: Women’s 100m, semis
5:18 p.m.: Men’s 400m, decathlon
5:35 p.m.: Women’s long jump, final
5:42 p.m.: Women’s discus throw, final
5:40 p.m.: Women’s 1500m, semis
6:04 p.m.: Men’s 800m, semis
6:20 p.m.: Women’s 400m, semis
6:35 p.m.: Men’s 400m, semis
6:51 p.m: Women’s 100m, final
12:15 p.m.: Men’s 110m hurdles, decathlon
1:20 p.m.Men’s discus throw, decathlon
3:45 p.m.: Men’s pole Vault, decathlon
5:15 p.m.: Men’s javelin, decathlon
5:50 p.m.: Women’s high jump, final
5:55 p.m.: Men’s long jump, final
6:03 p.m.: Women’s 100m hurdles, semis
6:15 p.m.: Men’s javelin, decathlon
6:19 p.m: Men’s 100m, semis
6:35 p.m.: Men’s 3000m, 1st round
7:06 p.m.: Women’s 400m, final
7:15 p.m.: Men’s 400m, final
7:23 p.m.: Men’s 1500m, decathlon
7:43 p.m.: Women’s 100m hurdles, final
7:52 p.m.: Men’s 100m, final
4:30 p.m.: Men’s pole vault, final
5:15 p.m.: Men’s javelin throw, final
5:50 p.m.: Women’s 3000m steeplechase, 1st round
5:40 p.m.: Women’s triple jump, qualifying
6:22 p.m.: Men’s 800m, final
6:30 p.m.: Women’s 1500m, final
6:40 p.m.: Men’s 5000m, final
12:50 p.m.: National Anthem
1 p.m.: Men’s hammer throw, qualifying
3 p.m.: Men’s hammer throw, final
4:30 p.m.: Women’s hammer throw, qualifying
6:30 pm: Women’s hammer throw, final
1:30 p.m.: Women’s shot put, qualifying
5 p.m.: Women’s pole vault, qualifying
6:04 p.m.: Men’s 1500m, 1st round
6:20 p.m.: Men’s triple jump, qualifying
6:31 p.m.: Women’s 200m, 1st round
7:03 p.m.: Women’s 5000m, 1st round
7:35 p.m.: Men’s discus throw, qualifying
7:47 p.m.: Women’s 800m, 1st round
8 p.m.: Women’s shot put, final
8:15 p.m.: Women’s triple jump, final
8:19 p.m.: Men’s 400m hurdles, 1st round
8:55 p.m.: Men’s 10,000m, final
1 p.m.: Women’s javelin throw, qualifying
2:04 p.m.: Men’s 200m, 1st round
2:33 p.m.: Men’s 110m hurdles, 1st round
3 p.m.: Men’s high jump, qualifying
3:02 p.m.: Women’s 800m, semis
3:18 p.m.: Men’s 400m hurdles, semis
3:30 p.m.: Men’s discus throw, final
3:35 p.m.: Women’s 400m hurdles, 1st round
4:05 p.m.: Men’s 1500m, semis
4:25 p.m.: Women’s 200m, semis
4:42 p.m.: Men’s 3000m steeplechase, final
9 a.m.: Men’s 20km race walk, final
9:01 a.m.: Women’s 20km race walk, final
1:15 p.m.: Women’s 100m hurdles, heptathlon
2:30 p.m.: Women’s high jump, heptathlon
4:40 p.m.: Women’s shot put, heptathlon
5:30 p.m.: Women’s javelin, final
5:38 p.m.: Women’s 200m, heptathlon
5:40 p.m.: Women’s pole vault, final
6:04 p.m.: Men’s 110m hurdles, semis
6:21 p.m.: Women’s 200m, final
6:30 p.m.: Women’s 400m hurdles, semis
6:47 p.m.: Men’s 400m hurdles, final
6:58 p.m.: Women’s 3000m steeplechase, final
7:16 p.m.: Men’s 200m, semis
7:49 p.m.: Men’s 110m hurdles, final
1 p.m.: Women’s long jump, heptathlon
2:05 p.m.: Women’s javelin throw, heptathlon
2:45 p.m.: Men’s high jump, final
3:25 p.m.: Men’s triple jump, final
3:40 p.m.: Women’s 800m (b), heptathlon
3:53 p.m.: Women’s 800m (a), heptathlon
4:03 p.m.: Women’s 400 hurdles, final
4:12 p.m.: Women’s 5000m, final
4:35 p.m.: Women’s 800m, final
4:43 p.m.: Men’s 1500m, final
4:53 p.m.: Men’s 200m, final



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