Community Blessings – Nick Caum, Jill Strader, Linda Warner

I have a lot to be thankful for. I have a wonderful wife, two smart and kind little girls, a job that I love, and a place to call home. This year I am more aware of the impact that my parents have had on my life so far. All the little things that they did, mostly without knowing it, that shaped me. I’m not talking about the big things, like feeding me, getting me to school, and providing a place for me to live. I’m talking about the little things that fill in the gaps between the mandatory parenting tasks.
My dad taught me table manners, to hold doors, to say please and thank you, and to always put one foot in front of the other. My mom taught me to be kind to everyone, and that everyone is not an exclusive group. My dad showed me Star Wars, Ender’s Game (which was the first step in my life to becoming a librarian), and video games. My mom introduced me to soccer, bike riding, the Simpsons, and gave me the freedom and trust to explore. My stepmom taught me that a person’s inner strength is often their greatest trait. My stepdad taught me that fewer words are better than many, but that no words get you nothing.
They all did much, much more than can be expressed in a small section of a newspaper, but I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my parents for everything they shared with me.
Nick Caum, Creswell Library youth librarian

I am very Thankful and Grateful this Thanksgiving season for my family. My mom, who is almost 94 and in good health, my husband Rob, of almost 41 years, my two sons Garrett and Riley, my two grandkids, Taylor and Rogue, and eternally grateful to a loving God-who has blessed me so greatly this year. I am also very thankful for my friends and my school family- Creswell Middle School. I work with some amazing people and I love all the students. Our school is the best!
I hope everyone has a chance to spend time with family and friends over the holiday and to be grateful for the privilege to live in such a great town and country. If you have some spare food or money this holiday season, reach out to those in our community who are hurting and could use some help! It really does make a difference.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Jill Strader

My Thanksgiving blessing is my continued good health. In December 1993, I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and underwent 12 weeks of chemotherapy. So for 25 years, this is the time of year I’m most thankful that I have continued to be cancer free and living my life to its fullest. Happy Holidays to all!
Linda Warner



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