Community Blessings – Edward ”Jake” Jackson, Leigh Rieder, Mary Ellen Yost

As Americans, how can we not say thanks for nature’s beautiful landscapes and its unique creatures; for endless learning opportunities, and for a safe and a secure life for our families?
Quite often, my wife, Delfina, and I remark on how thankful we are for all the freedoms we have. Freedom allows all of us to reach for that elusive brass ring, or to wander off to places we’ve never been, or turn our ambitions and dreams into realities. Each and every person interprets the meaning of “freedom” quite differently. To me, freedom loosens any restraints, and that allows for the spreading of my wings and soaring like a bird into the sky of perpetual learning.
Edward “Jake” Jackson, Creswell

This will sound odd to many, but I am thankful for rain. As the crisp days of fall approach, I eagerly anticipate those first drops sluicing down, cooling and moistening our desert-like summer heat and bringing blissful comfort to my garden. I can almost hear my trees and plants softly murmuring ”ahhhh” in relief. As a non-native Oregonian, one of the things that brought me to this area was reliable, comforting rain to soften both the ground and my skin. Gray, misty days cause me to slow down. They awake in me the desire for hot tea, hearty soups and quality time spent with loved ones. Rainy, fall days also tell my garden it is time to slow down, to prepare for winter dormancy, to rest and rejuvenate for next spring. Quencher of wildfires, cradle of life for all of Earth’s creatures — I am grateful for rain.
Leigh Rieder

My Thanksgiving Blessing is the Creswell Community Singers and my family. The Creswell Community Singers is a chorus of 40 singers who are a great group. They sing their best, listen to my instructions, make suggestions, have smiles on their faces, make jokes and keep me on my toes.
I believe that they are a blessing to everyone who hears them, whether it is in Creswell, Cottage Grove or another town. This is the third year conducting this outstanding choral group; they are so special to me. We will be singing at the Tree Lighting Event at 6 pm in Creswell.
And, I must mention my husband, Rick Yost; children, Heidi, Tyson (son-in-law), Ed, Leisha (daughter-in-law); and grandsons, Calan and Evan. Indeed, I am blessed.
Mary Ellen Yost, Conductor, Creswell Community Singers
Retired, Music Teacher at Creslane Elementary School



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