Community Blessings – Community Members galore!

I am so thankful for my precious wife Jocelyn and two children, Dalyn and Kayla. They are the loves of my life. I am thankful for my great friend Steve who has helped me to be a good mayor, and my running buddies Rick and Al who stay with me, even when I run slow. May God’s comfort be with Al and Bailey this holiday season in the loss of their dear wife and mother, Tamara. I am thankful for every piano student that I get to share the gift of music with. I am thankful for the people who meet with me every week to study the Bible. I am thankful for my neighbors and all their children. I am thankful for the six councilors who serve with me: Richard, Amy, Gary, Judy, Misty and Martha; we have accomplished so much good for Creswell, working together! I am thankful for City Manager Amberg and each person who works for the City of Creswell; every day you give your best, and it shows! Most of all, I am thankful there is a God who loves me and calls me his child, who gave his only son, Jesus, to be my Savior. Every day is an adventure with Jesus at my side. Wow, I am so blessed!
Mayor Dave Stram

Each Thanksgiving I find myself truly thankful for many things, but no more so than family. While my immediate family has always been a foundation for me, especially my mom and her sister, family for me extends well beyond those I am related to by blood. I am especially thankful for my church family as well. My brothers and sisters at Creswell Presbyterian are with me through every success and strife, no matter what. The motto is “Find Family Here,” and they truly demonstrate what effective family support can be.
However, I would be remiss if I left out my thankfulness for the support I have received from my community family known as Creswell. As a youngster, during my days attending school in Creswell, I knew better than to be up to no good in town, as my parents would know about it before I got home. While not thankful at the time, I look back on the caring the residents of Creswell showed me at that time with great fondness. I have been able to call Creswell my home town since the mid-1970s, and am indeed thankful to do so.
Timothy M. Rogers

This year we have a new mayor. While he is not a local but for recently, I trust that the wisdom to lead and the compassion to govern fairly be in his forethought.
Whyat Ocumpaugh

I am very thankful to live in a small town where I know many people and am known as well. It is comforting to know that no matter where you go, chances are good that there will be someone that you are friends with or someone who will at least recognize you. Many of my fellow Cottage Grovers are ready and willing to pitch in and help make things better in our community from Community Sharing to helping raise funds for the much loved Swinging Bridge. There is a common sense of courtesy and consideration not shown in the larger urban areas; So I am thankful to live where I do.
Dana Merryday

After seven years with the Creswell School District, I am still inspired by how deeply our staff members care about each child. Each goes far beyond simply teaching to uncover and address every child’s abilities and challenges, and to spark curiosity and growth. I am deeply grateful for our staff’s incredible devotion to preparing Creswell’s children for success.
I also remain in awe of the generous support of our volunteers, parents and community members who donate time, energy, and resources to provide nurturing and enriching programs for our children.
The strength of Creswell School District lies within our community – it is the people we employ, the children we serve, and the families around us. I am thankful to be part of such a supportive community, and send you my best wishes for a joyful holiday weekend.
Todd Hamilton, Superintendent, Creswell School District

I am Thankful for all of you that make Creswell a better place one family at a time. You know who you are and know that I love you all!
Susan Bennett

This year at Camas Swale Medical Clinic we are thankful for our patients, the Creswell community and the opportunity to serve.
Dr. Damon Armitage

I am thankful for Jesus, my mom and dad, Jonathan Ferguson, baby Ryer and his amazing parents, Larry and Lexi, my beautiful sister, Hillside Church, this cute little town that I did not appreciate nearly enough as a kid, the Growing Place, and Hallmark movies.
Olivia Powell



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