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Getting off the crazy cycle’ Marriage Builders Conference is Oct. 27

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Have you ever said something to your significant other that was with good intentions, but they took it the complete opposite way? An argument ensues, and it’s not long before you’re both upset, wondering what in the world caused this, how did we get here?
Three speakers will be hosting a free Marriage Builders Conference on Saturday, Oct. 27 at Creswell High School,and invite the public to learn about the tools to effectively communicate with our significant others.
The conference will be held from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. in the CHS auditorium, 33390 Niblock Lane. There will be free childcare for kids 10 and under.
Jeff Shroy, of Cottage Grove; his wife, Kristen; and Bobb Bonin will be the keynote speakers of the night. They are part of the Life Builders program, and help others with issues of marriage, as well as budgeting, retirement and classes on child care.
Next week’s conference will focus specifically on marriage and will focus on how people communicate differently, and how to ”get off the crazy cycle.”
The ”crazy cycle” term is used to describe the times when a significant other feels they were treated in an unloving way, or feel disrespected by their partner. It creates a vicious and unintentional cycle, Shroy said. The person who feels disrespected often responds in a disrespectful or unloving way, and the cycle is perpetuated.
Many don’t realize they’re responding this way to their significant other, Shroy said, making it difficult to nail down a problem. The Life Builders will offer a different perspective and give the audience tools for breaking the crazy cycle, Shroy said.
Another side of the crazy cycle coin is simple misunderstanding, Shroy said. Differing perceptions affect well-meaning gestures, and sometimes you just simply misunderstand what your significant other intended to mean. Shroy said the Life Builders will offer insights to key words, phrases and communication tools to converse more effectively.
There will be a cell phone on each eable, where audience members can anonymously text questions for the speakers to answer.

WHAT: Marriage Builders Conference
WHEN: 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 27
WHERE: Creswell High School auditorium, 33390 Niblock Lane



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