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Killingsworth junkyard

Dear Editor,
It seems to me that the city has had eight years to work on some ordinances to keep property values up on our street. The city has known for years about this on Killingsworth St. being an eyesore with old cars that don’t run on the front yard, plus a lot of other junk placed on the lawn.
The city should have no excuses for not getting some ordinances in place, it is a no brainer that this was not acted upon. When cars are placed on the front lawn and do not run it is a Code Violation.
Our Code Enforcement person goes out and the owner tells her
those cars run, she takes their word and does not have the owner start the cars up. All the neighbors on this street have told her in a complaint that these cars do not run. The question is she doing her job by not having the owner start the cars up — I call this neglect of duty.
I wonder how many more years before the city can get their act together and do something for the property owners on this street to help keep property values up.
Ruby Miller,



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