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Editor’s note: Truman Derminer is The Chronicle’s newest, and possibly youngest ever column writer! This spunky, smart 9-year-old from Creswell will keep us up-to-date with the goings-ons for kiddos in town.

The Summer Reading Event was awesome! We got to build our own kite. There were seven different stations. Design Assemble, Decorate, Add Spine, Add String, Add Tail and Fly.
Design was where you chose the appearance and Assemble was where you put the parts together. We drew pictures on our kite to Decorate it. When we added our spines, we taped a stick into the middle of it and punched a hole for the string.
When volunteers helped us choose our string and tail, we assembled our kites for a windy day. In the end our kites all looked like pretty guitars and flew really well.
The next event is storytelling at the Community Center from 11:00 to noon. See you there!



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