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Cottage Grove Speedway April 21

With the Wingless Sprint Series visiting Cottage Grove Speedway on Saturday, April 21, so too were three regular divisions. The Mohawk Metal IMCA Modifieds, Late Models and Street Stocks would all be on hand for the second race of 2018 and the first event in a few weeks.
The Mohawk Metal IMCA Modified main event would have several stoppages throughout the course of it. Albert Gill, out of Medford, was out front early before a huge multi-car crash in turns three and four, on lap one, would pause the action. Springfield’s Aaron Sheelar would be the new leader on lap six and there he would remain for some time.
Sheelar would eventually be passed on lap 16 by Central Point native C.J. Putnam. Putnam, driving for car owner Dan Romer, would remain in the lead the rest of the way and would finish first at the flag stand.
Unfortunately, during post-race tech it would be found that he was too light at the scales, resulting in a disqualification, and that would give the win to the runner-up Eric Ashley, of Jasper.
Sheelar ended the evening second over Braedon Hand, out of Cottage Grove, who was third. Fellow Cottage Grove driver Tyler Smith crossed the line in fourth over Bend veteran Rob Mayea, in fifth.
In the Late Model feature, Thomas Hunziker, formerly of Switzerland and now residing in Bend, was the early car to beat.  Hunziker would be passed shortly after a restart on lap 13 by Preston Luckman. Luckman, of Coos Bay, remained the trailblazer for the remainder of the race to collect the win.
Hunziker was second while Eugene’s Chuck Christian placed third.  Coos Bay native Mike George got fourth over fifth finisher David Schmidt, of Eugene.
In Street Stock competition, Justin Tracy showed a lot of speed in the early going. But on lap five Jasper’s Andrew Langan would obtain the first-place position. Langan would dominate the rest of the way in the caution-free affair to earn his second win of the current campaign.
Portland’s Donald Schott, doing double duty, finished the runner-up followed by Cottage Grove chauffeur Ray Bloom. Hunter Bloom, out of Eugene, finished fourth while Josh Sheller, of Oregon City completed the top five.

Race Results:

Mohawk Metal IMCA Modifieds
A-Feature: 1. 84-Eric Ashley; 2. 45S-Aaron Sheelar; 3. 15-Braedon Hand; 4. 73-Tyler Smith; 5. 37-Rob Mayea; 6. 5M-Jake Mayden; 7. 18R-Ryan Baker; 8. 11-Steve Sturdevant; 9. 44-Greg McDonald; 10. 11S-Donald Schott; 11. 51-Roy Kirk Jr.; 12. 33E-Bob Bloom; 13. 45-Tiana Berkley; 14. 85-Gene Ashley; 15. 22A-Justin Austin; 16. 89-Albert Gill; 17. 12-B.J. Wild; 18. 33-Paul Rea; 19. W4-Ron Wilson; 20. 1M-Mark Wauge; DQ 83R-C.J. Putnam

Late Models
A-Feature: 1. 77-Preston Luckman, 2. 38-Thomas Hunziker; 3. 422-Chuck Christian; 4. 67-Mike George; 5. 9S-David Schmidt; 6. 15R-Ryan Ronning; 7. 78-Ed Peters; 8. 16-Rob Williams; 9. 4E-Trent Elliott; 10. 111-Joey Tanner; 11. X-Eric Massey

Street Stocks
A-Feature: 1. 74-Andrew Langan; 2. 33E3-Ray Bloom; 3. 33E-Hunter Bloom; 4. 98J-Josh Sheller; 5. 36-Jody Tanner; 6. 4-Justin Tracy; 7. 49-James Whitehouse; 8. 12-Steven Snawder; 9. 71-R.C. Levin



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