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The Creswell Chronicle honors SUPERSTAR 12-year-old Kylee Chisholm for her selfless service her community. ERIN TIERNEY – THE CRESWELL CHRONICLE

With all the doom and gloom found so frequently in today’s news, The Chronicle wants to showcase the do-gooders that make this town thrive.
Each month, The Chronicle and our friends at The Flower Basket & Gift Boutique will ask for readers to choose someone in the community – young or old – that they feel makes Creswell shine. The Chronicle will then choose a ”superstar” based on those nominations and will surprise one of our local ”bleeding hearts” with a special gift.
For March, we’ve gratefully received a handful of submissions of do-gooders, but would like to honor 12-year-old Kylee Chisholm for her selfless hustle and determination to serve her community.
Kylee is a seventh grader at Creswell Middle School and has maintained a 4.0 GPA since sixth grade, all while participating in sports and volunteer work.
Her volunteerism covers a wide spectrum; those who nominated Kylee said she volunteers for ”anything and everything she can just because she likes to do it.”
Her nominator said that Kylee is always ready and willing to go to school early and stay late to assist teachers in any capacity she can. Kylee gets up at 6 a.m. at least once a week and heads to Creslane Elementary School to help teachers grade papers, or help in any other way she can. They don’t ask her to come – she just does it because she likes helping.
As a seventh grader, she’s helping eighth graders with their math.
Kylee also volunteers her time at the Creswell Clubhouse; works as a server at the Annual Creswell Christian Child Care Center Auction and Dinner; and works at the Fourth of July Pancake Breakfast. Most recently, Kylee volunteered as a manager and stat keeper for the seventh grade boys’ basketball team, which requires her to attend all their practices and games.
During the summer, Kylee volunteers at various churches to help out with Bible School. This summer, Kylee plans on volunteering as a counselor at Camp Harlow.
Thanks for being you, Kylee!

Creswell Shines is The Chronicle’s new monthly feature!
If you know someone who makes Creswell shine – young and old – make a nomination! Please email the name of your nominee, as well as your reasons as to why this person is a superstar to Erin Tierney at [email protected].
Help The Chronicle spread happy news and give our local superstars the respect and appreciation they so richly deserve.



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