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Tree huggers unite

Dear Editor,

Like it or not, we live in a blue state. That being the case, we are not considered good citizens unless we, among other things, show compassion and empathy for those apparently less fortunate than us. Some of these folks live in bushes and trees and only come out to panhandle for a living. We have all hear their well-rehearsed stories. I know that many of you argue that, for must, it is a chosen way of life. I am not writing here to argue that point.
Instead, I write because I am disgusted. I am disgusted at the “campsites” left behind by these folks. In particular, the grove of trees nestled within the circular southbound onramp from Oregon Avenue to the southbound Interstate 5.
As you drive around this onramp, you can’t help but notice the small grove of trees to your right. You must have also noticed the garbage, trash and human waste (including dog waste in many cases) left behind by our less fortunate neighbors. I have no doubt this rubbish included dangerous, used drug items. I find this repugnant but am not quite sure what to do about it except to urge all of us NOT to give in to these street folks. By the way, where do they get their dogs? Hmm….
Many seem to be quite able to bathe, wear clean clothes, ask for free shelter and take advantage of many free job training programs. And yes, even find a job. For those wanting to stop living in the bushes, there are many organizations stumbling all over each other to help. In the meantime, the only thing we can do is try to make the intersections of Creswell unprofitable for them. We can only hope they will move along to a place where they are even more coddled.
I will now leave this soapbox over there by that handsome tree.
Thanks for listening.

RH Kauffman



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