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Pedestrian safety: Safety can’t be painted

Dear Editor,

Under Oregon law there is a crosswalk at every intersection; a pedestrian is crossing the roadway in a crosswalk when any part or extension of the pedestrian, including but not limited to any part of the pedestrian’s body, wheelchair, cane, crutch or bicycle, moves into the roadway in a crosswalk with the intent to proceed. If you see a person in the roadway, and you’re able to do so in time, you must stop and let them cross.
I was hit by a car while walking in a signaled, painted crosswalk, as was a local woman a few weeks ago. Maybe we would be better served if funds used to paint crosswalks were used for “educational traffic enforcement.” No painted crosswalks might end the confusion about what constitutes a crosswalk.
To better protect all road users, lower the speed limit to 20 mph citywide. 20 mph allows more time for decision-making and greatly reduces the chance of a fatal accident as opposed to 25 mph.

Ed Gunderson



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