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Soup’s on!

Nothing warms you on a cold winter evening (or morning or afternoon, either) like a steaming bowl of soup. And it couldn’t be easier to make! Starting from scratch • The first thing you need to do is create a flavor base. Most recipes start with a base of sautéed onions,[Read More…]

Music to your ears

People made music for at least 40,000 years. Things found in nature were the first instruments, hollow logs became drums, bones and horns were the woodwinds. Musical notation followed the invention of writing, examples have been found written on papyrus and carved in stone. Music affects us emotionally, and by[Read More…]

Happy New Year!

New Year’s Eve is upon us, observed with much glitter and glamour, noise and champagne. We set off fireworks, drop crystal balls, kiss our loved ones.  But why? It’s just another turn of the calendar. Nothing really changes from one day to the next. Yet it’s been looked at as[Read More…]

December holidays

Christmas and New Year’s Eve aren’t the only holidays celebrated in December. Here are a few others: Chanukah (also spelled Hanukkah) “The Festival of Lights” is a minor holiday in the Jewish religion. It is a commemoration of the successful revolt against the Greeks, who had forbade the practice of[Read More…]

Ready to party?

December is probably one of our most social months. People throw parties, families get together, friends drop in to wish you well. With a little forethought, purposeful shopping and some cooking and prepping when time is available, you can make entertaining easier on yourself and reduce the usual holiday-time stress.[Read More…]



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