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K-9 Ripp needs a bullet-proof vest

COTTAGE GROVE — The Cottage Grove Police Department and nonprofit Keeping K-9s in Kevlar have launched a joint initiative to secure a bullet-resistant vest for K-9 Ripp, law enforcement team member.


Cottage Grove Police Officer Derek Carlton and K-9 Ripp.

With limited budgetary resources, law enforcement departments often rely on non-profit organizations to acquire the necessary equipment to protect their K-9 officers. Recognizing this need, Keeping K-9s in Kevlar is raising community funds to provide a bullet-resistant vest for K-9 Ripp. 

Nonprofits are how most departments receive K-9 Kevlar vests: K-9 Ripp’s daily responsibilities encompass many tasks, including pursuing the most violent offenders, taking narcotics off the streets, article search, area search, and building search. 

The bullet-resistant vest, priced at $2,784, provides K-9 Ripp protection against stabbings, shrapnel, and handgun bullets. Fundraising is continuous to ensure a Kevlar vest is purchased for K-9 Ripp. 

The nonprofit seeks community heroes to help support this fundraiser through donations. 

To donate: Keeping K-9s in Kevlar raises community funds through PayPal or K-9 Ripp will receive 100% donations to fund his vest. If donations exceed that total after the campaign ends, funds will roll over to the next K9 needing assistance. Checks can be sent to: Keeping K-9s in Kevlar, 3901 Airport Way, Bellingham, WA 98226.



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