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Voters supporting jail levy, Creswell schools bond

Editors note: This story was updated with the latest election numbers on May 23

Ballots in Lane County are still being counted, but early totals show a few candidates are leading the races for the Springfield, South Lane, Creswell, and Lane Community College school boards. On May 16, voters were also asked to select candidates for area library, fire, water, and recreation boards as well as ballot measures. Official election results will not be released until June 1. 


South Lane School District

In position two, Duane Taddei is bringing in 53.85% of the vote while his two opponents, Martha Allen (15.93%) and incumbent Dustin Bengtson (29.69%) split the remainder of them. Position 7 is still contested, with incumbent Gary Mort bringing in 46.88% of the vote, and his opponent, Tina Murphy with 52.63%. In position one, incumbent Tammy Hodgkinson ran unopposed and is bringing in 80.32% of the vote. In position 6, Joe Tucker ran unopposed and is bringing in 93.58% of the vote. 

Creswell School District

In position 1, incumbent Kandice Worsham ran unopposed and is bringing in 97.90% of the vote. In position two, Sarah Cox is bringing in 82.65% of the vote, while her opponent, Ronald Colletti, is bringing in 16.84%. In position three, incumbent Debi Wilkerson has an early, strong lead, bringing in 85.29% of the vote while her opponent, Margaret Michele Colletti has only gathered 14.23% so far. In position seven, the race is uncontested, with incumbent Mary Stayton garnering 98.43% of the vote. 

Springfield School District 

In position four, Nicole De Graff leads by a slim margin with 51.63% of the vote over Anthony Reed with 47.93%. For position one, Ken Kohl has a lead in the three-way race, with 52.46% of the vote, compared to his opponents, Geena Davis with 7.22% and Violet Olszyk with 36.21%. 

Lane Community College

In zone one, Denise Diamond ran unopposed and is bringing in 97.71% of the vote. In zone two, Zach Mulholland is bringing in 53.39% of the vote while his two opponents, Nick Skelton (26.54%) and Rich Cunningham (14.50%) split the remainder of them. In zone 5, incumbent Steve Mital ran unopposed and is bringing in 97.90% of the vote. In zone 6, Kevin Alltucker has a healthy lead over opponent Bob Baldwin, with 57.86% of the vote so far. Baldwin is bringing in 41.24%. In zone 7, incumbent Lisa Fragala maintains a large lead with 81.57% of the vote over Kyle Reallon with 17.52%. 


There are several measures on the May ballot for Lane County voters to keep an eye on — and early results show some big changes for Creswell. 

The Lane County Jail Levy Renewal has a wide lead with 79.31% of the vote. Lane County Sheriff Cliff Harrold released the following statement this morning:

“The results of this election and the renewal of the Lane County Public Safety Levy show that this community remains committed to our safety. I am very thankful that Lane County residents recognize the need for a functional jail system including local jail beds to help hold those accused of violent and dangerous crime accountable. Renewal of this levy will allow the Lane County Jail to continue to operate with a minimum of 255 local jail beds, as well as 8 youth detention beds and 8 youth treatment beds at Lane County Youth Services. Renewal of this levy will maintain the level of service that we currently have. I am optimistic that now we can begin discussing how we can find a permanent solution to the under-resourcing of our entire local public safety system. Thank you again for prioritizing the safety of those that live in Lane County.”

In Creswell, the School District Bond, which will update schools, increase vocational training and make other improvements, leads with 69.88% of the vote in favor. 

The measure aimed at dissolving the Creswell Water Control District did not pass, which means work will continue as normal, pending the filling of its four vacant seats, as 60.38% of voters voted against its dissolution. 


Willamalane Board of Directors 

Voters were asked to pick three from a list of five candidates running for the Willamalane Board of Directors in Springfield. Chris Wig has an early lead, bringing in 25.02% of the vote, while Greg James (20.98%) and Kiersten Muenchinger (17.71%) round out the top three. Still, Angela Miceli Stout (15.63%) and Cj Mann (11.44%) are not too far behind. Johnny Lake garnered 8.38% of the vote. 

Lane Library District

Both candidates for the Lane Library District ran unopposed, with position 4 going to Erin Weatherly-Derminer who brought in 98.92% of the vote and Vicki Hemphill bringing in 98.97%. 

Glenwood Water District

All three candidates for the Glenwood Water District ran unopposed, with position one going to Sabrina White, position two going to Dolores Heinl and position three going to Christa McNair. 

Pleasant Hill Rural Fire Protection District

All three candidates for the Pleasant Hill Rural Fire Protection District ran unopposed, with position two going to Matt Brown, position three going to Darrell R. Shoemaker and position four going to Paul A. Filson.



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