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Creswell School Board Candidates

Ronald Colletti, Position 2

Age: 39 

Hometown: Barker, N.Y. 

Marital status: Married 

Partner occupation: Business owner/secretary 

Children: Ages 12, 10, 9, 7 

Education: Masters Certificate Fisheries and Wildlife Management,  Bachelors Natural Resource Management-Water Resource Minor, Associates Environmental  Science, Associates Information Systems Technology 

Occupation(s): Owner/president Full Circle Property Management 

Public sector work experience, including military: Park Ranger USACE WVP, Biological Science  Technician USACE WVP, Field Science Technician USDA, USAF Special Warfare Airman  Combat Military Veteran (OIF & OEF), Volunteer Fire Crewmember 

Private sector work experience: Restaurant Management, Landscaping Management, Roofing  Management, ICU Specialist with Mentally Handicapped, Call Center Experience, Handyman  Experience

As a resident of Creswell, a father of 4 children attending Creswell public schools, and a local  businessman, I represent multiple stakeholder viewpoints within the Creswell community. In my 4 years of living in Creswell I have seen the growth and changes that have come to this friendly  community, and the heritage and values associated with being a small town. Creswell has a lot  to offer, not the least of which is a good school district for families. 

 My time in the United States Air Force stressed “Core Values” to include “Integrity First,  Service before Self, and Excellence in All We Do”. I strive to continue this ethos and see  my school board campaign as an opportunity to continue my “service.” I have no doubt that  more families will be drawn to Creswell based on the charm of our small town, as well as the  appeal of the proximity amenities of Eugene. Creswell is a special place, where you can still go  into the local businesses and have staff know your name and treat you with a smile and friendly  conversation. 

 My hope is through communication and investments into the school district, I can help make  Creswell the best possible school district by assisting in providing fiscally responsible opportunities to all students, regardless of if their path leads them towards trade positions,  public service, or higher education. When Creswell district becomes “The” destination for  educational and well-being opportunities, it becomes the destination where people want to live,  more so than any other in the area. It is through that reputation Creswell grows in businesses,  population, opportunities, etc., while maintaining a sense of identity and small-town charm.   I appreciate your support of my campaign based on a shared interest in providing the best  opportunities to all Creswell school district students. 

Margaret Michele Colletti, Position 3

Age: 38 

Hometown: Hilton, N.Y. 

Marital status: Married 

Partner occupation: Business owner 

Children: Ages 12, 10, 9 and 7, attending  public school 

Education: BA French Language and Literature, minor Education at  SUNY Brockport 

Occupation(s): Business owner  

Current employer: Full Circle Property Management, Inc.  

Public sector work experience, including military: Child and Youth Services, US Army Base  Vilseck, Germany 

Private sector work experience: Customer Service; Volunteer Positions: NICA Coach 2022- present, GRiT Advisor 2023 

Elected office held, with dates: President, Eugene MOMS Club 2016-2017 

Our family moved to Oregon ten years ago, and to Creswell four years ago, and I can  honestly say that I have never felt like more of a part of the community we’ve resided in than in  Creswell. There is pride here, and compassion for others that reside here, among residents, small businesses, the town management, and especially, the microcosm which is the schools.  The school system was the first part of the community to make us feel truly welcomed and as if  we belonged, and it’s the part of Creswell to which we still feel the greatest attachment, as we  currently have four kids in the Creswell School district.  

In order to repay that welcome, we have been doing what we can outside of working  hours to help our kids, and other children within the school district, succeed, thrive, and perform  with pride. Volunteering in the classroom, chaperoning field trips, and participating in various  committees, such as the Strategic Planning Committee. We’ve developed relationships with the  staff, administration, and know many of the kids (even if they only recognize me based from my  resemblance to my daughters!)  

Through these experiences, as well as working experience with Child and Youth  Services in the US Army Base in Vilseck, and volunteer experiences with the local mountain  biking team, and as a local business owner and administrator, I feel this connection and  understanding of the administration of children’s services, as well as my strong connection to  the Community of Creswell, would make me a strong asset to the School Board. 

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