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Collared wolf seen in Mosby Creek area

COTTAGE GROVE – Collared wolf OR125 has recently been seen near Mosby Creek. OR125 is a wolf originally from the Indigo Pack, which is a resident  pack in Douglas County. This wolf was collared last June 2022. 

The Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife does not relocate or move wolves. OR125 is a two-year-old male wolf dispersing from its pack which is normal especially for this age class of wolves. They disperse from their original packs in search of territory and a mate.

OR125 is moving long distances and may not stay in the Mosby Creek area. It could just be moving through.This wolf is collared, so should be easy to differentiate from a coyote. But people throughout Oregon should familiarize themselves with how to tell a wolf from a coyote or  dog. This quiz has some good tips on identification: 

It is unlawful to shoot a wolf in Oregon, except in defense of human life (or in certain livestock depredation situations). Wolves in this area of the state are listed as Endangered under the federal Endangered Species Act. Wolf sightings can be reported at

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: This wolf has moved on from the Mosby Creek area and is back with the Indigo Pack. It’s not at all unusual for them to wander for a while and then go back to their original pack. It could return and dispersing wolves could be anywhere with suitable habitat so all the above advice still holds.



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