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Scary situation at Crow HS reinforces need for safe spaces


Watching the news these days has become so difficult. The two mass shootings in California this past week were heartbreaking and the enormity of how it has affected not only the victims, their families and others on-site is mind-boggling. 

Trying to even imagine how any of us would feel if we were in their positions is impossible. But, on Jan. 23 it was all brought home …

“23-0459 – School Shooting Threat at Crow High School. This morning just after 9:30 a.m., the Lane County Sheriff’s Office received the report of a school shooting threat involving a student at Crow High School. Investigators responded and learned that the involved student had made a social media post three days ago, asking other students if they would like to help shoot up the school. The involved student was identified and his parents were contacted. Deputies took the involved juvenile into custody for Disorderly Conduct in the First Degree. He was transported to the SERBU juvenile detention facility and lodged on the listed charge. Investigators have been working closely with school officials to ensure the safety of the community. There is believed to be no ongoing threat at this time.”

Our daughter Michele Kau has worked as a teacher at Crow Middle/High School for many years.

Our first concern was for her state-of-mind and when we were able to reach her, she was not able to give us any details (which we didn’t ask for), but she assured us that she was fine and felt that the matter had been handled very professionally by the Sheriff’s Department and the school administration.

Jim and I are so relieved and thankful that a potential tragedy was averted. The knowledge that protocols are in place to deal with this type of situation at our local combined middle/high school is of some comfort, but it also brings the realization that we all need to be aware of those around us – children, included – who make what might seem like innocent remarks that should be taken seriously, or others of all ages who display what seems to be unwarranted anger and distrust or unusual mood-swings.  

My mind keeps returning to the thought that, through 80 years of life, I am truly feeling fear for the first time about what is happening in our country on many fronts. 

I’ve always felt relatively safe and secure in the fact that our children and grandchildren have been raised with values of kindness and respect for others and by doing so can enjoy a carefree childhood without fear. 

The concept of “shooter drills” and teaching them how to stay safe in their school environments is totally foreign to me, but I realize that our schools are being forced by the circumstances to use these measures. 

Our children and grandchildren are the precious basis for my hope that, by living through these trying times, as adults, they will be able to come to terms with what must be done to bring about the changes that will allow their own children to once again feel safe and be able to enjoy their childhoods. My generation certainly hasn’t been able to.  

Thank you to all of our school administrators, teachers, counselors, Lane County Sheriff’s deputies and, most of all, the students and parents who were able to alert someone about the potential threat so that it could be dealt with. I pray that the student who was taken into custody realizes the consequences of making threatening statements – even if they were not serious – and gets the help he needs to get on the right path in life.




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