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Skarlatos a new leader who will move Oregon forward

During my time as Mayor of Springfield, I worked hard in the community by helping improve our infrastructure, attracting new businesses and building a vibrant downtown. Like so many communities, we faced challenges during the pandemic where restrictions hurt our residents and businesses large and small. 

Now inflation, which is the highest it’s been in 40 years, is increasing the burden within our community. The cost of food, household goods and rent are all rising. Meanwhile, the cost of gas rose to over $5 a gallon this summer. I know, firsthand, the struggles that families and individuals within our neighborhoods have faced during this time. 

Our country, and more importantly our community, is at a crossroads. I believe the next generation should begin standing up and help lead us through these challenging times. That’s why I have endorsed Alek Skarlatos for Congress. 

In the short period of time that Alek has been working in the community he has already achieved significant results. He proudly served in the Oregon National Guard, including an Afghanistan tour. Then, while traveling by train to Paris, he stopped a terrorist who tried to open fire on fellow passengers. 

President Barack Obama personally thanked him for his heroic actions. Obama commended Alek Skarlatos and fellow patriots, stating that these individuals “represent the very best of America, American character, and you know, it’s these kinds of young people who make me extraordinarily optimistic and hopeful about our future.” I deeply agree that these acts of heroism give me hope for our future. 

 Speaking with Alek has made me realize he wants to represent all Oregonians and will continue his hard work when elected. Alek has expressed frustration that Oregon’s 4th Congressional District is the poorest district in the state. He supports the minimum wage but recognizes that we must take it to the next level by creating good, living-wage jobs in Springfield and beyond.

 Alek also prioritizes tackling healthcare costs and lowering prescription drug prices. Every year healthcare costs rise, while access in rural Oregon continues getting worse. Prescription drug costs remain far too expensive. As an example of his commitment to lowering drug prices, Alek has promised his support for legislation that would cap insulin costs at $35 a month. 

 Timber and fishing industries have suffered in recent years, which Alek recognizes as a priority for our future. As a conservationist, he is on record supporting the bipartisan Trillion Trees Initiative developed by Oregon Congressman Kurt Schrader. Fighting climate change is necessary for our future, and planting trees is a vital step toward reducing our carbon footprint.  

 While Alek believes in protecting the environment, he also understands we have the technology to safely expand our domestic energy resources. Through creating more American energy, gas prices will continue to fall, thereby helping reduce inflation.  

 I truly am proud of everything we accomplished during my time as Mayor of Springfield, but continuing this success requires the next generation to become active and carry the torch. 

No one is more capable of accomplishing these goals in Washington, D.C than Alek Skarlatos. I hope you join me in supporting Alek for the 4th Congressional District in November.

Christine Lundberg was the mayor of Springfield, 2010-20



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