Dean’s list: Oregon state university

The Scholastic Honor Roll Winter 2022 list has been announced by Oregon State University. A total of 7,732 earned a B-plus (3.5) or better to make the listing, including these local students: 


• Oden L. Armstrong, junior, nuclear engineering

• Mikayla M. Baird, junior, biology

• Amoline Q. Foerstler, freshman, business administration

• Trey J. Husko, senior, computer science

• Kate R. Johns, senior, natural resources

• Matteo C. Liserre, senior, chemical engineering

• Irene J. Nichols-Ferguson, senior, environmental engineering

• Kourtney G. Owens, sophomore, pre-graphic design

• Areanna M. Walters, senior, psychology

• Lauren R. Witty, senior, kinesiology

• Cynthia G. Wright, junior, biohealth sciences

• Madeleine E. Zeller, senior, botany

• Riley J. Zolezzi, freshman, pre-forrest/civil engineering


• Natalie R. Campbell, senior, finance

• Ralyn L. Case, senior, chemical engineering

• Chelsea A. Davis,junior, marketing

• Zachary A. Nelson, senior, forestry

• Devyn Parsons, sophomore, fisheries and wildlife sciences

• Zachary A. Rolfe, junior, animal sciences

• Bella L. Swan, junior, zoology

• Mary A. Sykes, junior, natural resources

• Calvin L. Tharp-Jackson, senior, biohealth sciences

• Mckenzie R. Traetow, senior, civil engineering


• Garet R. Skelton, junior, civil engineering


• Cameron P. Anderson, sophomore, horticulture


• Myla L. Garlitz, senior, mechanical engineering


• Cody Wilson, junior, computer science


• Danielle M. Melcher, junior, pre-forestry


• Ronan A. Barrett, sophomore, biology

• Brenna A. Cody, Junior, ecological engineering

• Alexandra G. Fitzpatrick, freshman, university exploratory studies

• Katie B. Krei, Sophomore, general engineering

• Victoria J. Lewis, senior, marketing

• Ella O’Connor, freshman, finance

• Cameron L. Olson, sophomore, general engineering

• Callan D. Stowell, senior, biology

• Henry R. Stowell, sophomore, biology


• Luke D. Agajanian, junior, mechanical engineering

• Marja J. Annus, senior, public health

• Gabrielle M. Baker, sophomore, biohealth sciences

• Lydia M. Braiker, junior, animal sciences

• Simone N. Buck, junior, women, gender, and sexuality studies

• Yessenia L. Cifuentes, freshman, university exploratory studies

• Kyla C. Corbett, senior, natural resources

• Karina Corona-Barrera, senior, human dev. and family science

• Kameron B. Coryell, junior, chemical engineering

• Brock M. Crolly, senior, mechanical engineering

• Paige E. Crolly, junior, interior design

• Lydia K. Dapkus, sophomore, university exploratory studies

• Nicholas Darling, post baccalaureate, fisheries & wildlife sciences

• Kayla Elliott, senior, human development and family science

• Luke A. Ellister, sophomore, general engineering

• Jadzia A. Engle, senior, public health

• Noah M. Francis, junior, tourism, recreation, & adventure lead

• Blake L. Garcia, senior, electric & computer engineering

• Bailie R. Hampton, senior, biology

• Sarah J. Hayes, junior, public health.

• Austin E. Hilkey, junior, graphic design

• Ciera M. Johnson, sophomore, university exploratory studies

• Tanner C. Kelley, sophomore, political science

• Payton L. Kling, junior, supply chain & logistics management

• Augustus F. Loftin, senior, computer science

• Crystal L. Lohne, sophomore, English

• Austin K. Martinez-Fernandez, senior, mechanical engineering

• Jamison J. McGillivray, senior, music studies

• Jaron J. McGillivray, sophomore, construction engineering

• Cole Miller, post baccalaureate, electric & computer engineering

• Devyn D. Minchin, junior, kinesiology

• Hannah L. Ngo, junior, biology

• Estella M. Ocker, freshman, general engineering

• Austin A. Phan, senior, finance

• Connor R. Phillips, sophomore, business administration

• Lily A. Rice, junior, biology

• Tiffany Robinson, senior, business information systems

• Natalie M. Schlosser, post baccalaureate, forestry

• Jacob B. Selland, senior, construction engineering management

• Branden Shaw, senior, business administration

• Doris L. Shurtliff, post baccalaureate, nutrition

• Chase A. Stickler, senior, construction engineering

• Katie Strauss, senior, computer science

• Josiah M. Sugai, senior, mechanical engineering

• Bailey G. Taube-Adams, senior, mechanical engineering

• Anice N. Teel, senior, mechanical engineering

• Britnae R. Tregellas, senior, sociology

• Nithya G. Vaikuntam, senior, biohealth sciences

• Rebecca E. Wages, senior, horticulture

• Maeghan S. Wesel, senior, public health

• Sara A. Weyant, senior, kinesiology

• Audrey E. Wilson, senior, ecological engineering

• Tanner G. Windom, sophomore, general engineering

• Abigail P. Zimmerman, junior, graphic design



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