Cottage Grove Police Log: May 10 – May 16


5:53 pm: Harassment/Threats, Lincoln Middle School, 1565 S. 4th St.

Summary: A juvenile male, without provocation, punched an individual several times causing a slight discoloration to his right cheek, submitting him to unwanted physical contact.


1:23 am: Warrant service, 130 Gateway Blvd.

Summary: Officer contacted and arrested Joseph John Tracey on outstanding warrants.

11:36 am: Vehicle stop, 1600 E. Main St.

Summary: Samantha Chamberlain was under the influence of intoxicants when she drove her vehicle.

7:04 pm: Juvenile problem, 41 North N St.

Summary: Group of juveniles outside of residence, trying to beat one another.

8:28 pm: Suspicious conditions, 1140 Hwy. 99

Summary: Officer on duty working in uniformed patrol was dispatched and advised that a female had a male try to enter her vehicle at Szechuan Chinese Restaurant.


12:22 am: Missing persons

Summary: Officer contacted three juveniles for a curfew violation, and located a previously reported missing person.

7:10 pm: Assist other agency, 400 E. Main St.

Summary: Officer was informed that Ariel Waszkiewicz was in the CGPD lobby attempting to visit an inmate. Waszkiewicz had been released from custody earlier in the day. During her release, the CGPD contacted an agency in California due to an active warrant for a traffic offense. The agency responded hours later saying they would extradite. In the meantime, Ariel found that her father had been dead at home for days which was confirmed by department phone records. The officer determined that society’s interest in an out-of-state traffic offense was not sufficient to supersede the need of a daughter to properly bury her father. Ariel was instructed to return in a week after she had made arrangements.

8:23 pm: Drug violation, 400 E. Main St.

Summary: Shelby Brown was found to be in possession of fentanyl while confined in the Cottage Grove Jail.

10:23 pm: Warrant service, 204 Buttercup Loop

Summary: Officer attempted contact with Jason Shepherd to serve a warrant. The home owner advised that Shepherd was not there. During this contact, the officer also spoke with Douglas Williams, a Cottage Grove resident. Douglas had an unconfirmed warrant out of the Lane County Court for Failure to Appear on a Traffic Offense. Douglas was taken into custody.


8:08 am: Child abuse/neglect, Row River Rd.

Summary: Officer was dispatched on a 307 DHS. The complaint concerned an 8-year-old child. The mother had possibly slapped him in the face in the days prior. The mother explained that she did slap him in the face in the earlier days. The child was acting out and she was reasonable when slapping him.

8:36 am: Sex crime, 1375 S. River Rd.

Summary: Officer was on duty within the city limits in a marked police vehicle, in full uniform, and displaying a badge. The officer responded to the Cottage Grove High School for a possible sexual assault, with no other information. During the investigation, the officer learned little to no information regarding any sexual assaultand was not able to determine any crime due to the lack of information. Both parents were called for the students. 

12:38 pm: Warrant service, Row River and Gateway Blvd.

Summary: Officer was advised of a reckless driver; the information was relayed from the Oregon State Police as multiple other calls had been made about this vehicle. The officer observed the vehicle speeding through the intersection above the posted speed limit of 35 MPH. The officer followed the vehicle to 1-5 southbound near the 172 exit off-ramp. The driver was Jessica Thompson and the passenger was Bryan Lyon, both from Roseburg. Jessica was a misdemeanor-level driving status, and Bryan was a wanted subject out of Marion County for a stolen vehicle. Jessica was cited and released for her driving status, Bryan was taken into custody and transported to the Lane County Jail and lodged for the warrant.

1:28 pm: Assault, 439 S. 1st St.

Summary: Marc Joseph Lapine and Wayne Talton Harris Jr. were both Cited in Lieu of Custody and provided a court date and time to appear.

6:17 pm: Other, 400 E. Main St.

Summary: Cale Wedell asked an officer to document that Geneva Suhr did not bring their mutual child to the CGPD for a custody exchange as was agreed upon. The officer was able to observe Cale in the CGPD lobby from the beginning of the shift at 6 p.m. until 6:15 p.m. The officer did not see Geneva during that time; Cale left after reporting to the officer and receiving a case number.

8:00 pm: Warrants, 700 E. Gibbs Ave.

Summary: Ryan David Herrington was taken regarding Theft in the First Degree.

9:59 pm: Suspicious conditions, I-5 Exit 174/CG SB on-ramp

Summary: Nathan Frei reported that an unknown person had stolen his car and then wrecked it on 1-5 Southbound in a river that runs through Middlefield Golf Course. Officers Biehler and Butler were able to locate the vehicle parked on the shoulder of 1-5. Nathan was detained and transported to the CGPD in order to interview him about the discrepancy in a controlled environment. Nathan agreed to speak with the officer after his Miranda Rights. Nathan said that he consumed fentanyl at approximately noon and that he is addicted to drugs. Over the course of the contact, Nathan described having his car stolen, seeing a woman wreck it in a river, seeing a dead body, and being unable to hold still due to how his body felt. He had a gas can because he said his car ran out of gas while he was driving it Northbound, which initiated the incident. Nathan told me he would begin detoxing soon. The officers were unable to establish any of the claims. Biehler said he was able to observe needles all over inside the vehicle. Officers did not develop probable cause to believe Nathan knowingly lied to the police and released him; he ultimately called his father to come get him. Nathan was reminded that he was not allowed to drive.


11 am: Theft, 1440 Anthony Ave.

Summary: Officer spoke to Jeremy Jason Spear in regards to his son’s bike that was either stolen or lost at an unknown location.

2:50 pm: Violation of city ordinance, 1319 E. Main St.

Summary: An officer saw Duane Shepherd smoking Fentanyl inside his vehicle located at 1319 East Main Street (Coiner Park). Shepherd was later issued a park exclusion order for (30) days from all City of Cottage Grove Parks. He signed the form, and was issued a copy of it. CGPD dispatch entered an alert in his name file for the exclusion.


6:07 am: Fail to carry/present

Summary: Officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for not using a turn signal, and the rear passenger-side tail light was inoperable. The driver did not have a valid license to present, nor registration or insurance for the vehicle. The officer obtained an ID from Guatemala with his name, Eliazar Martinez Perez. He was cited and released. The officer explained all of the citations in Spanish. 


8:14 am: Child abuse/neglect, 400 E. Main St.

Summary: CGPD dispatch advised of a DHS307 that had been faxed over for review. DHS received a report of concern of threat to harm a 9-year-old female by her uncle. DHS closed the report at screening; the report does not meet the criteria for a Present or Impending Danger to Children.



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