Springfield City Council Candidate: Steve Moe



Birthplace: Springfield, Ore. 

Marital status: Married

Spouse: Carolyn Miller, retired

Children: None

Residence neighborhood: West Springfield

Online pages: None

Education: Bachelors in Physics, Bachelors in Traffic Engineering 

Occupation: Owner of Intercity Inc. 

Public sector experience: Springfield Planning Commission, Lane County Planning Commission, Filbert Festival 

Private sector experience: Construction industry. After receiving patents in the United States, Germany, and Japan, I went into the electronics research and development business. 

Elected offices held: Springfield City Council, 2018 


Moe: Q&A with the councilor

Ward 2 encompasses the general area between 7th Street and the Glenwood area. Councilor Steve Moe is running uncontested.

Chronicle: What are the biggest challenges and opportunities facing your ward; how will you ensure your ward is well-represented on the council?

Moe: New land use regulations that reflect global warming. Mandated higher density buildings to make infrastructure more complex. The city is going through updating the building code to make it easier to go through the permitting process.

Chronicle: What is the first piece of business you will advocate for?

Moe: Affordable housing and a stimulated downtown to create living wage jobs.

Chronicle: What are infrastructure improvements needed in your ward.

Moe: Currently the downtown electric infrastructure needs to be updated so the city can build “up.”

Chronicle: What steps will you take to gain the trust of the citizens you represent?

Moe: I always answer my phone. I can be called anytime. I will carefully listen and do the best I can to provide answers. They might not be the answers you want but they will be the truth.

Chronicle:What are concrete goals you have for bolstering equity and inclusion in local government?

Moe: All my goals and statements include diversity, sensitivity, and equity to every person in Springfield no matter who they are or what they believe.


Affordable housing, living-wage jobs are key

I have lived in Springfield my entire life. 

I have supported the Springfield community through my involvement in dozens of projects for the public good. I’ve been a member, treasurer or manager of dozens of community projects. Member of Willamalane Park District board and budget committee (5 years), Lane County Planning Commission (8 years), Springfield Planning Commision (16 years), Springfield’s First Citizen (2003), LCOG Outstanding Citizen (1996), Eugene City Club Turtle award (2007), the bond measure to build the new Springfield CourtHouse and Jail and plus the two elections to keep funding in. Also, the Springfield Schools capital improvement election and the Filbert Festival (15 years) was a special heartfelt project of mine. 

Challenges coming to Springfield are mandated land use regulations to combat climate change. They force higher intensity land use and new building codes require us to infill and build “up.” Those regulations will force change and will be gradual and I’ll do my best to see they are implemented in a way the public accepts them. 

My goal is more living-wage jobs and affordable housing in Springfield. I support economic development in downtown Springfield and Glenwood. 

Springfield has problems in the area of perception of public safety and I’m working to develop better sensitivity and communication between the police and the public. I need to know what a citizen is comfortable in proximity to a police officer no matter what the situation is. 

I can be called any time. 541-954-0175. I will carefully listen and try to find answers to your questions. Email me at [email protected] or my personal email of [email protected] 

I support diversity, sensitivity and equality to every person in Springfield no matter who they are or what they believe. 

I am eager to continue my work for the people of Springfield. Re-elect me your city councilor on May 17. 



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