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Fewer hues in this week’s news

Readers may notice this week’s edition of The Chronicle is more monochrome than usual. While there is much to appreciate about black and white in print, we know that our readers enjoy seeing every face in color and a pop of color on every page. 

The vibrant color on virtually every page has been a differentiator for our weekly newspaper.

If there is anything the pandemic has taught us, it’s to remain flexible and roll with the punches.

We’ve all become well-accustomed to dealing with circumstances beyond our control, and you can place this change in that particular, perhaps overflowing, bucket. 

The scaled-back color is not a result of us cutting back or tightening our belts, rather a ricochet effect of staff shortages and supply chain issues at our print shop, Oregon Web Press in Albany. We’ve had an excellent partnership with them ever since the paper was purchased by Noel and Denise Nash in March 2019. 

Our goal has always been to provide news and entertainment in a pleasing display – and that won’t change. 

We’re examining our options and collaborating with our various partners to make sure we can continue to deliver the paper with the highest-quality printing and reproduction. More to come.



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