SEDA looking beyond current development proposals

GLENWOOD – Springfield Economic Development Agency (SEDA) last week announced its new process for selecting a development partner for the Glenwood riverfront area, resetting the clock in the race for development. 

Two projects took center stage, including Glenwood Development’s pitch for a 20-story hotel, and LOCALIS Partners’ pitch for a soccer stadium and a skating rink. Both proposals include plans for various grades of housing, conference/hotel structures, parking, eateries and retail shops. 

If either of the developers want to continue to pursue the property, they must reapply using the new process. 

“The board has elected to not make a selection of either Glenwood Development, LLC or LOCALIS Partners, LLC,” said Amber Fossen, spokesperson for the city. “The board has instead directed staff to begin the process of issuing a Request for Qualifications to identify and select a future development partner. Both teams are encouraged to reapply,” adding that additional developers can throw their hats into the ring, too. 

The board needed “a transparent and cohesive process” to identify and select a development partner for the Glenwood riverfront area, and Fossen said this process will do just that. The RFQ will focus primarily on the experiences and qualifications of interested development teams and less on site-specific ideas and images. 

This “allows SEDA to evaluate the experience and qualifications of that partner and subsequently participate in shaping the development jointly,” Fossen said. 

The Board has also directed this process be initiated quickly, with a goal of a development partner chosen by the end of 2021. 

The SEDA board meets again May 24 and will provide additional direction for issuing an RFQ. The timeline for the RFQ process will be refined and may impact the end-of-year goal, Fossen said. A targeted timeline will be made public when available.



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