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Pisces-Pig wondering about career in 2021

I received a question from a reader who asked how 2021 looks for his career. He was born under the sun sign Pisces during the lunar Year of the Pig. Pig-born individuals can do well in their careers this year. It has been a rough few years for Pig-born individuals, but the Year of the Ox (2021) should offer opportunities for the Pig-born to follow their passion and be significantly recognized for their hard work of the past. It would also be a good year for Pig-born to begin a new business or follow a new career path. 

A Pisces-Pig is a gentle and loving soul who loves and protects their family. Pisces-Pig individuals are generous and give selflessly of themselves. They are willing to sacrifice their own happiness for their friends and loved ones. In fact, they are often willing to give of themselves and their hard work to strangers in need. However, if the Pisces-Pig wants to receive the most out of his lucky year, it will be important for him to devote his time to his own interests this year. He must not allow himself to become distracted with the struggles of others this year. 

Since luck will be with the Pig this year, and good career opportunities can happen quickly and unexpectedly, the Pig-born should give himself the gift of focusing his attention on his own career. His loved ones will also want to support the Pig this year. This kind of good luck doesn’t happen every year for a Pig-born. Accept the good luck year with open arms and hard work, dear Pig.

Famous Pisces-Pigs include newscaster Lester Holt, actor Aidan Quinn, actress Tamara Tunie, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, and actress Kathy Hilton.



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