Ex-mayor: A nod to ‘scrappy Springfield’

We can all agree 2020 has been a difficult year … I want to inform you of my plans going forward, reflect on the over 30 years I have spent serving this community, and share my hopes for Springfield’s future. 

I have always had a passion for serving this community and am proud of the many achievements we have made which helped make Springfield the amazing city it is today. I have genuinely enjoyed getting to know everyone and leave having learned so much. I am grateful for the time I shared with each one of you. Thank you. 

Springfield’s voters made clear they believe Springfield is on the right path, one which a new mayor should continue following. The city of Springfield and its citizens have never wavered from our practical, pragmatic and commonsense approach to building a welcoming, safe, and successful city. Over the years these values have allowed us to grow and attract new businesses and industries without sacrificing our hometown appeal. 

It is this ability to recognize our differences and adapt to change that has enabled our community to succeed without compromising our individuality. I am proud of Springfield’s legacy as a city which recognizes the needs of the whole community. 

Springfield is known for working with, and on behalf of, all its citizens and not limiting our actions to benefitting a small group who spend their time trying to unduly influence City Council decisions. At one time we called these gadflies; their opinions matter, but they do not speak for the entire community. It is more important now than ever that Springfield charters a path forward with the entire community in mind. 

2020 dealt a devastating blow to our security and progress, but I have every hope and faith that Springfield’s residents and businesses will survive and prosper. I know the citizens of Springfield are up to the challenge. 

I have been described as scrappy. I think Springfield is scrappy. It is a trait that serves us well—you cannot keep us down. 

With my sincerest respect, God bless you all. 

Christine Lundberg

Former mayor of Springfield




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