Heyman ‘ashamed’ of those who violated laws, Capitol

Richard Heyman

From the desk of the Colonel.

“In all my 90 years out of the 96 I have lived, never did I witness anything to embarrass, enrage me or make me so ashamed as the large numbers of Citizens of our great nation when they took the opportunity to violate the sanctity of all the rules of law and patriotic duty in our great nation. To object, to demonstrate be vocal against anything desired is our sovern right under the constitution and I have fought for that right in three wars. When I say fought, I mean with real bullets, rockets and bombs. I wouldn’t use weapons on my own countrymen but I sure felt that some of the rioters I saw on TV deserved it.

But although the president can be blamed for egging on the rioters, it is still the responsibility of each of the rioters, invaders and violators of our seat of government and its representatives for their own actions  

Demonstrate, complain, cheer, march, take honorable action but destruction of property or law is not the way to settle differences.  

These are my opinions and I am demonstrating my constitutional rights by submitting them for publication.

 Richard Heyman is a retired Colonel, U.S. Air Force.



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