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Mother, daughter hoping luck holds

I met a woman this week who will be turning 50 years old next year. She asked me a few questions about her sign and wondered about next year’s influence of the moon on her sign. She and her mother faced a few rough years, and finally this month they were able to move into their new home. She wondered if she could trust the new luck they have just encountered.

The daughter said she was out of work intermittently for a couple of years and moved in to live temporarily with her mother. Then, her mother sold her home before buying a new home, so she and her mother have been temporarily living with family for the past several months. The daughter recently found a job, and this month, they finally moved into their new home. The daughter says she and her mother are very happy and this unfamiliar feeling of happiness hasn’t been in their lives for several years. She wonders if the good fortune will continue or if she and her mother should prepare themselves for more challenges next year. She and her mother were both born during the lunar Year of the Pig.

Individuals born during the lunar Year of the Pig have encountered a mixture of both good luck and challenging situations over the past few years. The wonderful thing about Pig-born individuals is that no matter what type of challenge is thrown at them, they always brush themselves off and move forward with an optimistic outlook, and they usually end up finding new friends and opportunities better than they ever imagined. 

A Pig-born individual is often underestimated, such as Sonny Bono and Ronald Reagan. Pigs are kind, they possess honesty (sometimes to their detriment), generosity (sometimes to their impoverishment), courage (sometimes to their demise), and naiveté (sometimes their greatest ally). Pigs see the best in all people, which is why it is so easy to like Pigs and so easy to deceive them. Pigs work tirelessly to please those around them. They will never refuse a task and never quit until it’s done. Pigs are intelligent (Elon Musk and Thomas Jefferson), often masked by a friendly disposition. Pigs are spiritual and employ esoteric methods, and they are often spiritual leaders (Dalai Lama), guides, and gurus. Honor means everything to the Pig. Never to employ malevolent intent, when a Pig is betrayed, they simply sever ties and focus their attention toward positive, deserving people and new adventures.

This daughter and mother Pig-duo can rest assured, their luck will continue into next year. In fact, the feeling of luck they are experiencing is right on track! As 2020 is coming to an end, the influence of the moon’s gravitational pull toward the Ox year (2021) is transitioning into all of our lives. A few lunar signs will enter into a wonderful new year with joyful opportunities; and those new opportunities are beginning to surface now. 

These two wonderful Pig-born women can take a deep breath and exhale with peace, knowing joyful days are continuing ahead in 2021. 

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