Springfield OKs use of RVs to ease housing needs


SPRINGFIELD – With evacuees from the Holiday Farm and other fires having temporarily left their homes or in some cases lost their homes, Springfield residents and businesses have stepped up to help. The City Council passed a resolution Monday, Oct. 19, in support of temporarily allowing RVs to be parked on private property due to the heightened need for temporary housing in our community.

City staff established guidelines for the temporary measure and continue to uphold safety and health standards aimed at protecting the occupants of the RVs. The guidelines do not apply to RV Parks, manufactured dwelling parks, or campgrounds or to churches. 

Guidelines include:

— RV must be roadworthy. This means the RV must be in a drivable or towable condition and licensed as appropriate. RVs that cannot be easily driven off or towed from the property are deemed a nuisance and subject to code enforcement.

— No structures can be connected to the RV.

— All personal items must be kept in the RV or otherwise screened from view from any public right-of-way (including alleys).

— Property owners may not charge rent, but may ask RV occupants to contribute toward utilities.

— RVs are not allowed on vacant lots. 

There are also specific guidelines for RVs on residential property, sanitation facilities, electrical connections, garbage service and RVs in parking lots. 



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